chasing shadows again

Random plans are in process for a theoretical (at moment) Zombie Carnivale!  [Because that’s what sushi with wheels wants!]

This page is very in progress – feel free to add suggestions for movies, recipes, games, costumes, make-up, and other madness in the comments!  I will update the overview here as needed.  🙂


Wild Zero – Zombies + Romance + Many Amusements + Guitar Wolf + Drinking Game!!!

Shaun of the Dead – In the event of Zombie Apocalypse, I’ll be in the bar…..


Not that I have any of these (yet), but they are definite possibilities…..

Zombies!!! – First to kill 25 zombies and reach the heliport wins!  [Large page of notes/links – including an online store (though they actually request you order from your local gaming shop!) links to expansions and rule sheets in case yours have been eaten by the undead….]

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game – In which you can play as the zombies!!!  (Or the Heroes, but hey….)

Zombie Fluxx – A Zombie card game [With expansions and online shop!]

Zombie Plague – Downloadable?  I’ll check it out and update!

It’s Alive! – Not exactly a zombie game, but it does look like entertainments – be a mad scientist and create some undead monsters! (So sort-of zombies!)

Zombie Rally – Zombie footraces!  No!  Really!  Zombies love to race!

Zombie Town – Onoz!  Zombies rise in your neighborhood! [The sequel lets you have cars!  Perhaps zombies also love to race cars!  Onoz!  What if Zombie Rally crashes the party zombies steal all the cars to race?]

A Touch of Evil – Also not quite a zombie game – but it involves hunting evil, so it may get to win….

Drinks and Snacks

Salsas!  The many salsas! – because I just tried 13 different kinds of salsa and ALL were extra delicious and chips and salsa are excellent party food made of win!  I will have to look up and experiment with the salsa recipes, which means more links are to come here!

Crazy Sodas – Could suggest people bring some crazy-cool sodas to share….

And in that same thought…hot dogs?  With the sauces and chilis and chutneys and the extra delicious Jack Daniels mustard….?

Costumes, Make-Up, & Props


Zombie Costume (with Make-Up) @ – This page gets extra points for suggesting figuring out how you became a zombie and taking that into account for costume/limp/etc.  However, I’m not sure that I could be bothered to act like a zombie for extensive periods of time.

People Who Hunt Zombies

Steampunk Zombie Hunters? – Why not have way too much fun…?

  • Steampunk Attire – Accessories and Props!  This seems to be a listing of E-Bay listings, so if nothing else, it should be shoppable again – or just browse-able.
  • Make a Steampunk Zombie-Slaying Ray Gun – What?  That’s totally in a movie.  Somewhere.  Perhaps in my mind.  This seems to involve tools and much more mechanical aptitude than I have.  However, it does make for the interesting, so up here it goes!
  • Deconstructing Steampunk: Designing Your Own Costume – With a picture of darling heeled steampunk boots!  Who doesn’t want to slay zombies in heels!
  • Steampunk Costume Pictures – It wasn’t going to make it on here until I saw the PARASOL GUN!!!  And then it became necessary.

[…] I miss being home for Halloween.  Here in the Land of Loud Birds there is nowhere to throw a Zombie Carnival.  And no one to drag to […]

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