chasing shadows again

who is fox? —i am a recent transplant to Hawai’i where I wake up every morning to palm trees, tropical sunshine, and birds who chirp because the sheer force of their cacophony of madness acts as a physical barrier that keeps the sky from falling. I make jewelry, I fall in love at least every other day-sometimes twice on days it rains, and I have never lived in a state that does not touch the sea.

what am I doing here? —i’m using this space to let things that interest me, things I love, things I hate, hopes, dreams, and echoes tumble and fall together like a kaleidoscope. Expect to see a little bit of anything that catches my attention.

where are we now? —right now the project is very much in infant stages. We’ll see how it goes. I need something to do, and right now, this is it.

when can I expect updates? —updates will follow in patterns like snowflakes. The speed of updates entirely depends on what I’m doing and how many interesting things I find.

why? —why not?


Molli says:

This is quite the most beautiful introduction I’ve ever read! It’s also the most informative. Statistics are all well and good, but they seem to shroud the humanity of a being in meaningless numbers. Your writing is so unbelievably poetic in every line – not a single useless word, extremely concise, yet so utterly evocative of all things lovely. Oh, I AM going to enjoy reading around here 🙂

bibomedia says:


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