chasing shadows again

Vanilla makes for good ice cream and pretty vines! [Why yes, Molli, I am just waiting for it….] Our vanilla wasn’t rooting on its tree, so drastic measures had to be taken!

Vanilla Root Wrap 1

That fluffy stuff is from tree fern (it cases the new leaves). It is wrapped around the exposed roots (you can see one toward the top left) with floral wire so that the roots will grow. And, there are more pictures of course!

Vanilla Root Wrap 2

The stringy brown stuff is tree fern bark (rather than fluff) wired over the vanilla roots in a similar manner.

Vanilla Root Wrap 4

Some roots required more creativity (and wire) than others. Elevated roots like this one (in this case, elevated being at least 2.5 inches off the tree) required some structural support. And another example of my brilliance follows! (Though I realise it’s difficult to understand from these pictures both how brilliant I am and the amount of bark I got in my mouth. In. My. Mouth. [*L* Yes, Molli, now I’m really waiting for it.])

Vanilla Root Wrap 5


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