chasing shadows again

No really. It is totally written in response to part of one of our conversations, just to be obnoxious.

donkeys 01
by ~greenleaf-stock on deviantART

We will watch the sky like burros who walk in the rain
taking leisurely steps and not seeking cover
we will turn our heads up to catch rain on our tongues
and remark upon how this must be the best time to be alive

We will watch the sky like burros who slosh through the mud
laughing at the squelching mud sounds as the earth tries to devour our hooves
we will turn our heads up to watch humming thrumming dragonflies
and remark upon how this must be the best time to be alive

We will watch the sky like burros who trek through the sun
scuffing up clouds of dust with our determined hooves
we will turn our heads up to find shapes in the drifting clouds
and remark upon how this must be the best time to be alive

We will watch the sky like burros who drowse beneath the moon
making wishes with huffing breaths on dandelions
we will turn our heads up to search for shooting stars
and remark upon how this must be the best time to be alive


{October 28, 2008}   ~untitled~

when dusk steals out over the city
creeping whisper-soft like the brush of unseen whiskers
painting the drowsy canals with darkness
I will come out with the lovers and the beggars and the cats
to stalk through the streets

murmurs and blushes
ancient eyes and the frayed hems of old coats
silken fur and endless mystery
will seep through my skin like ink

I will not watch what they are writing
but trace my way through the sinking buildings and swaying boats
with all the indifference of the moonlight on the water

in this twilight city
there will be hours to search out messages written and waiting
lurking in the half-heard conversations
the invitations into the unknown that are but a twitch of a tail
a shadow half-glimpsed
forever remembered

{September 25, 2008}   hello to the cosmos!

Despite repeatedly falling off the Internet map, I am still alive.

I now have a darling nephew (who will undoubtedly keep me awake with his screaming) who is made of cute.  I keep losing time staring at his tiny nose and tiny toes and letting him grab my finger in his tiny little hands.

I am learning to make greeting cards and notecards.  This is exciting!  And fun!  I enjoy it. Hopefully now I will send more cards.  I need to get some together for Halloween.  Yay!  Skeletons and zombies and monsters!  I miss being home for Halloween.  Here in the Land of Loud Birds there is nowhere to throw a Zombie Carnival.  And no one to drag to it.

Also I found a pattern for cute sushi pillows – so I will perhaps have sushi pillows once I hit up Ben Franklin.  We shall see.

Who is up for a rum and chocolate tasting with me?  OMG – come on…lazing about in the Caribbean?  Chocolate and rum tastings?  Chilling on beaches with rum?  Going on expeditions to find more rum?  How can it be wrong?

Need the Caribbean experience in less glorious but more affordable tasty bites?  Try these Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials!

Finding rum filled chocolates can be hard!  Learn to make them here! I must confess that I now have the strange desire to drill a hole in Christmas Santa chocolate, fill it with rum, and reseal it.

Alternately, check out these divine looking creations!

Sun-Painted Compass

Sun-Painted Compass

brushed across the canvas of my skin
shuddering with my heart
is our story
traced out in lines of fate and destiny
trailing over my palm
left like a map to distant places
going and coming and dividing and returning
until the whole story could not be written on one canvas
but in our skins overlaid
and then deeper
falling in tangled twists of color and light and darkness
writhing off of our skin and into the night sky
connecting stars and planets into new ever-shifting constellations
a love painted in presense and absence
light and shadow
with our blood and the colors of the bleeding sun
so woven into our fortunes
what has been spilling into what is come
I trace the curves of Nazca Lines and spiral-carved labyrinths
and wonder if you are speaking to me
promising that our dance nearer and father – forward and back
traces out something only visible from heights we have not yet reached

I mailed your letter this morning.

Chaco Canyon


{July 29, 2008}   ~random goofy things~

Things I will Put in the Theoretical Ranch

Who Doesnt Need This?

Who Doesn't Need This?

The Ex Voodoo Knife Set – I should maybe put this in “Things That Would be Fun For Parties’ because I know the result is drunken stabbing of the knife holder!!!  On second thought, maybe we should hide this one for parties.  Still-I think every kitchen needs one.

What Goes Better With Coffee Than Pirates?

What Goes Better With Coffee Than Pirates?

Pirate Toast Stamp – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Um…I really don’t think I have to say anything else here.  [Except, perhaps, that it also comes in “I Love You.”  Oh!!!  And Tic-Tack-Toe!!!  Ummm…also in Holy Toast (devotional madonna kinda thing).]

It Will Hum For You A Song!!!

It Will Hum For You A Song!!!

In keeping with the love of pirates – Pirate Bobble-Head Kitchen Timer!

Tasty-Cute Plants!!!

Tasty-Cute Plants!!!

Taterpots – you choose-mint, oregano, or basil!!!  Transplant after 4-6 weeks OR trim to use for garnishing and cooking!!!  [For more tasty plants-Eggling (Thyme)]

Try This Drink - FOR SCIENCE!!!

Try This Drink - FOR SCIENCE!!!

Cocktail Chemistry Set – For your very-favorite mad scientist….

Things That Would be Fun For Parties

Fortune chopsticks – you can write your own fortunes, PLUS they come in neon!!!  Downside = plastic.  However they appear to be made of ZOMG-fun!!!  I predict these are excellent for Chinese take out and Scooby Doo.  You can make special Scooby Doo fortunes-Your future appears to be mysterious and spooky.  Beware the yeti.



Bone Chillers – Pirate Ice Cubes!!!

Glow-In-The-Dark Shotglasses!!!  Yes.  Really.

Things That Just Make me Giggle

Some things involving bacon – bacon wallet & bacon and egg Band-Aids!!!

kay...bout your Virtuous Vanilla...guess whats an aphrodesiac....

'kay...'bout your "Virtuous Vanilla"...guess what's an aphrodesiac....

Lookin’ Good For Jesus Lip Balm – sacrilicious!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd…Guide to Choosing A Religion.  Yeah.  I would set that out on the coffee table.  No.  I would not feel bad at all.

Yes, But Does It Come Blessed???  (Or do I have to steal the holy water AGAIN?)

Yes, But Does It Come Blessed??? (Or do I have to steal the holy water AGAIN?)

Holy Water Bottle –  Perhaps useful in event of zombie invasion.  Zombie-Vampire invasion?  Hrmmmmmm….

{July 29, 2008}   Lucien!!!

Remember this monster before he was a monster?



And…close up of a tiny sprouting branch!!!

Baby Branches!!!

Baby Branches!!!

Molli – your plant!!!  He becomes HUGE!!!

{July 28, 2008}   ~prowling the internets~

Has been mostly my day.  I am lazy.  And wistful.

Poking at ranches in Colorado is an enjoyable pastime.  Largely because the listings often include pictures of views off of porches, streams, lakes, snow (I miss snow!), and unusual rock formations.  It is unlikely I will ever live on a ranch in Colorado, but saying I’ll be buying a ranch there if I ever win the lotter has gone from joke to actual priority.  I’m not sure I’ve seen much for places more beautiful.

This little house would normally not catch much attention from me at all.  It certainly isn’t grand, fantastic, or horribly given to my taste.  But…I want to walk through the ground in those pictures.  I grew up with a creek in my back yard.  I can hear it when I look at that picture.  Taste it.

And this house with a wall of windows!  I cant even imagine.  Can’t.  Even.  Imagine.

Now I am prowling for lingerie.

I found a shop on Etsy of made-to-measurement lingerie.

It bears paisley!  But she has many, many things which are the cute.  And I must know where to find the cute.  Once I live in another house, a house that is more mine, I will undoubtedly be up to my old tricks of answering the door in lingerie (okay, admittedly, I thought the delivery guy was my friend, because he was early and said friend was late – but I will state for the record that disappointment was NOT evident on the stunned expression when I flung the door open).  In any event – if one attends parties in lingerie and wears it about one’s house, one’s lingerie must be up to snuff!  Having not bought much lingerie in the last (*wince*) two years, that will require some shopping.

If not – please do not stop, do not pass go, and do not expect I will provide my number on the inside of a matchbook.

I will probably not blow up your car.

I will probably still not be safe for you to love.

{July 24, 2008}   ~hello to the cosmos~

The internets amuse me today.

It is difficult to be lonely today – I have notes from Molli and Ashish, I have e-mails from a gollum today, I have chatters with many peoples.

It has been requested that we have a saltwater fish tank behind the bar instead of a mirror – which meets my approval.  The plans for a restaurant are in discussion – themed menus are the good!  Especially with themes like mango, chocolate, and coffee.

The internet is full of things to share!

One thing comes from the extra-adorable bunnyZombieWalk!!!

Also, Peace Day (September 21) approaches!!!  Visit the site for Peace One Day to make a commitment that is tiny-sized to galaxy-sized and get banners, e-mail signatures, and things!!!  I think I may make a pair of jeans with glued on accents in fabric (like the koi pants) for Peace Day.  The peace signs will have to be fuzzy.  Fuzzy peace sign pants!!!  Okay…moving on…..

And the internet is also still full of chocolate!

A recipe for chocolate zombie fingers (decorated chocolate-covered pretzels) from Extreme Chocolate (yes, extreme chocolate!).

Also this site mentions the existance of chocolate beer! There is a link to recipies, but nowhere to order chocolate beers!  Sooooooo…I have found some places where one can find the chocolate beers!  Shenandoah Brewing Company does chocolate donut beers (Alexandria, VA) and you can brew your own beer, which sounds pretty cool.  Mountain Sun does chocolate beer (Boulder, CO – which is closer to someone’s tall, tall city than VA, though I’m still looking for chocolate beer in Denver – will has updates) and has a beer listing that makes me wish that I was a) in Colorado and b) liked beer at all.  I want to like raspberry beer dammit!  [Totally a tangent: BEER RECIPIES – note to self, make chili with beer!]  And…Desert Edge Brewery (Salt Lake City, UT) has chocolate beers.  If I missed anyone for chocolate beers, let me know, and I will try to find the chocolate beers just for you.

EDIT: Order Young’s Double Chocolate online – Australia only!

EDIT II: Young’s Double Chocolate online

EDIT III: Arcadia “Coco Loco” Triple Chocolate online

Read about places for chocolate tastings near where I will one day return from exile.

More things will come!  For now I posts this!

et cetera