chasing shadows again


Free Hugs! Because everyone needs hugs….

Postsecret See postcards with pictures from strangers. New cards posted each Sunday, calendar of exhibits updated frequently.


Very Short Novels David offers 299 word snapshots of fiction rich with crisp images and a sense of character and humanity – proof that more words do not equal more intensity

Gumball Poetry which has such things to offer as Nude Badminton by Matt Sandbank!

In This Silence make a wish – these poems are breathtaking and brilliant like falling stars

Ramblings From Me is delightful poetry that feels like a postcard from the past that is also a kiss from a lover that is also what must it must feel like when a star goes supernova.


Coffeegrounds delightfully personal commentary on the general chaos that is life in a galaxy full of dreams and stars

Strange Maps just as promised – strange maps!


There you are, Fox! Good to be back in touch. Thanks for understanding how easy it can be to get lost in the blogosphere. I’ve got you bookmarked now, and you’re in my email contacts, so we can stay better connected in future.

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