chasing shadows again

I am once again enthralled by cute things.  This time in the form of Bento boxes.

Already my Ravyn and a Bunny have had to suffer through my sending them links upon links to bento related thingies!

Sometime after the holidays I will likely get a pair of bento boxes (one for me to take to work, one for mom to take to work) and thus I can eat more tasty diet foods.  More likely than not I will get the Laptop Lunches ones, which seem to be the superfunctional and not overly cute (amusing as it could be to pack my mother lunch in a Hello Kitty bento box), and they sell replacement inner parts for when I inevitably lose some or want to pack a couple up ahead of time with leftovers.  Of course, the internet is full of cute bento boxes – some of which cater to my cherry blossom obsession.  People, there are even chopsticks catering to my cherry blossom obsession!

So now when I win the lottery and have my very own commune, I will ALSO be making lunches for all my people to take away with them.  In addition to the soap making, jewelery making, and vodoun charms.  As long as I don’t get these things mixed up, everyone should be fine.  But I can’t pick up many more cute hobbies or I will not have time for my hookah.  And not having time for a hookah would be a tragedy.  Flavored tobacco for the win!

Should I get these boxes, I will update you with the pictures!  For now, I will leave you some links to fun/cute things.

Lunch In A Box! –  A fun blog with many links and pictures.  Load of tips and recipes.  Focuses on quick rather than time-consuming cute, so excellent for the kind of things to pack every day.  (Also – she has instructions for a relatively simple-looking apple bunny!)

Cooking Cute – Although this blog seems not to update frequently (like I can talk), it has a huge amount of resources and information on it.

Kitchen Cow – Full of pictures!  With BEEF STROGANOFF in a bento box!  (There is even a recipe for the stroganoff!)  However, all that really needs to be said for this site is this “zombie rising from the grave bento for the win!


{July 24, 2008}   ~hello to the cosmos~

The internets amuse me today.

It is difficult to be lonely today – I have notes from Molli and Ashish, I have e-mails from a gollum today, I have chatters with many peoples.

It has been requested that we have a saltwater fish tank behind the bar instead of a mirror – which meets my approval.  The plans for a restaurant are in discussion – themed menus are the good!  Especially with themes like mango, chocolate, and coffee.

The internet is full of things to share!

One thing comes from the extra-adorable bunnyZombieWalk!!!

Also, Peace Day (September 21) approaches!!!  Visit the site for Peace One Day to make a commitment that is tiny-sized to galaxy-sized and get banners, e-mail signatures, and things!!!  I think I may make a pair of jeans with glued on accents in fabric (like the koi pants) for Peace Day.  The peace signs will have to be fuzzy.  Fuzzy peace sign pants!!!  Okay…moving on…..

And the internet is also still full of chocolate!

A recipe for chocolate zombie fingers (decorated chocolate-covered pretzels) from Extreme Chocolate (yes, extreme chocolate!).

Also this site mentions the existance of chocolate beer! There is a link to recipies, but nowhere to order chocolate beers!  Sooooooo…I have found some places where one can find the chocolate beers!  Shenandoah Brewing Company does chocolate donut beers (Alexandria, VA) and you can brew your own beer, which sounds pretty cool.  Mountain Sun does chocolate beer (Boulder, CO – which is closer to someone’s tall, tall city than VA, though I’m still looking for chocolate beer in Denver – will has updates) and has a beer listing that makes me wish that I was a) in Colorado and b) liked beer at all.  I want to like raspberry beer dammit!  [Totally a tangent: BEER RECIPIES – note to self, make chili with beer!]  And…Desert Edge Brewery (Salt Lake City, UT) has chocolate beers.  If I missed anyone for chocolate beers, let me know, and I will try to find the chocolate beers just for you.

EDIT: Order Young’s Double Chocolate online – Australia only!

EDIT II: Young’s Double Chocolate online

EDIT III: Arcadia “Coco Loco” Triple Chocolate online

Read about places for chocolate tastings near where I will one day return from exile.

More things will come!  For now I posts this!

{June 5, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

Thirteen Ghosts is on, which prompts me to do two things. The first is to wonder how anyone could move into a house that is ritual magic and not expect it to end badly. The second is to share this postcard from this Sunday’s Postsecret for all of you who get here searching for zombies. The movie being on does not prompt me to watch it (I save that for “special” occasions, special defined as the right crowd of people-though I could, I suppose, watch it again to devise a drinking game. Ohhhhhhhh…the horror of the Thirteen Ghosts drinking game. “Whenever there is questionable sounding magical theory, drink. When that woman says ‘black zodiac‘ as though she expects to be taken seriously, drink twice.” Challenging to create only because the obvious, “Drink every time someone does something incredibly stupid,” will cause people to die before the movie is halfway through.)

I am (as ever) working on like three projects. One of them is updating links on this site. (Which reminds me – Molli, you’re listed now under poetry because I linked you before we started chattering at each other, but if you want I’ll move you to people. You can pick if you’d rather be poems or a person.)

The other is doing some background research for stocking the fudge and gift shop my mother and I are opening. More on this project will come later (possibly on its own page, we shall see!) but for now know that papers for a lease are being signed, and the joys of seeing to plumbing, painting, and deciding what to stock will be my joy to help with for the next few months, and after that, staffing the place will be. Please don’t misinterpret that joy as sarcasm, I am actually very glad this is coming together. I’m even looking forward to the painting. I kinda enjoy it (I did it once before for Habitat for Humanity).

Anyway, enough rambling (as I’ve rambled clear into the afternoon). You people have a wonderful day! I’m going to update the other website a bit, and perhaps wander back to ramble some more.


Who wants to have drinks in Tijuana?

This post is unapologetic chaos.

Have a seat at one of our tables. Toast to love, to passion, to prosperity. Not interested in a drink? Can we tempt you with a chocolate Voodoo doll?

Don’t worry, our bar staff is fully qualified to handle a zombie horde! In the event of a zombie attack please follow the instructions located on the reverse side of your menu. Zombies may be a sign of the alien invasion – fear not! If you’re cool enough, they can’t actually do anything to you.

Yes. I am in a very odd mood.

et cetera