chasing shadows again


I just keep falling off the face of the Internet.

I am still narrowing down which projects to play with and hope to have an update there soon.

I went to New Orleans with Carlos-the-Jackal and he bought me a delightful book For Neruda, For Chile which is a collection of poems written following the deaths of Pablo Neruda and Salvador Allende and the overthrowing of the government of Chile in 1973.  It seems to be a book that is hard to find (I of course walked into the store and there it was, humming softly and expectantly) and it is full of some poems best described as haunting – in the sense of both longing beauty and bloody apparitions.  I have not read all of the poems yet.  I cannot read them more than a few at a time.  They leave the sound of guns and the scent of blood and the soft, warm dampness of soil on a fresh grave in their wake.  War and death invade, twined in light and darkness and a slow cascade of syllables.  Pablo Neruda is the only poet I have begun a poem for, and finding this book prompts me to finish it.

Also – please go to see this post by Neil Gaiman.  Not because he writes glorious, glorious books (which he does).  Not because his blog is lovely to read, especially as we settle into fall and there can be mulled cider with it (which is true).  But because he has taken a stunning picture, and you should see it (it is set as the background for my laptop right now, so that I may continue to stare at it at will).


I am now located in Mississippi, the funnest state to spell (from now on tFStS!), where at random my neighbors bring offerings of food.  I still adore Sonic.  I plan to learn to make gumbo.  I am reading Downtown Owl, by Chuck Klosterman (who brought us Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs).  Downtown Owl has that sleepy, transcendent small-town aura down.

I am poking around the Internet reading about all manner of things, likely because while I find these sleepy, transcendent small-town auras to be endearing and beautiful, I am not meant to live in one.

Absinthe Hookah (technically the 26 Inch Amber Stargaze)

Absinthe Hookah (technically the 26 Inch Amber Stargaze)

I found this hookah, which immediately reminded me of absinthe!  Then I went off on a tangent of absinthe peekings (while debating the wisdom of getting licorice tobacco and adding a shot of absinthe to the base) and  found some interesting and pretty things.  Like the absinthe fountain, for when you want a little tap to drip water over your sugar cubes.  And some absinthe spoons so pretty I love them (even though they’re gold!).  Now tempted to drink absinthe with sugar and water (instead of straight, which is how I actually like it).

Pretty, pretty, pretty

Pretty, pretty, pretty

I am now off to watch Naruto (because I have found that I greatly enjoy the RIDICULOUS NINJAS!) and have a pre-packaged mojito (that is really not comparable to the real thing but still tasty).  I have spent the night wondering what breakfast foods/tobacco flavors would go best with ridiculous ninja, and have decided that either pancakes/waffles and many tasty toppings or salmon soufflé and mimosas (with pink champagne, ladies and gentlemen) for the sheer absurdity will do.  The tobacco flavor I associate most strongly with this escapade is blueberry – extra interesting because I don’t actually eat blueberries.

Yes.  Really.  I have an affection for the ridiculous ninjas.

EDIT:  Adding also – absinthe soap!!! (With or without sugar!!!)

{July 22, 2009}   so….

Anyone else read books about quantum physics in a bubble bath with a mojito after crazy days, or am I alone in that one?

On that note – what kind of drinks go with what subjects?  I think we need a whole list of drinks here!  Answer any/all in the comments, or suggest your own.  🙂
a.) __________________ is to zoology as mojito is to quantum physics.
b.) Tequila is to __________________ as mojito is to quantum physics.
c.) __________________ is to forensic anthropology as mojito is to quantum physics.
d.) Sake is to __________________ as mojito is to quantum physics.

E is for extra credit!
E-1: Mojito (white rum + sugar + lime + sparking water + ice + mint) = quantum physics.  Which part(s) represent(s) simply physics?
E-2: That taken into account, please explain this version of a chocolate martini:
1 shot chocolate vodka + 2 shots white Godiva chocolate liquor + 1/2 shot creme de cacao + 2 shots whole milk = __________________.

Wait! you say.  Fox the above post has NOTHING to do with physics and everything to do with chaos!
To that I can only reply: did you forget who I was? And have you had the pleasure of reading Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman?

{May 26, 2007}   hello to the cosmos

Tomorrow, I should garden. I have successfully not gardened in a bit (by which I mean one day I spent doing laundry, one day it poured, one I was lazy and today I was tired and doing my resume and enticed out for a trip to Borders. I know I need to replant some cuttings because several of the babies fried. (Lucien was fine at last check – it was only the very new cuttings it was too sunny for. He is starting to grow little sproutings, so I should get pictures.)

Borders was fun. I got the most recent Poets and Writers Magazine, Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison (it comes highly recommended from a good friend as a fun read), and Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil by Deborah Rodriguez (which seems like it will be amazing).

I came home hoping to get settled back into reading and talking to the other participants in the poetry carnival hosted by Poets Who Blog and was immediately distracted by the fact that my screen door was leaning on the balcony rail. It seems my puppy got into my room, the door blew shut to the hallway, and in a panic she managed to knock the screen door out onto the balcony – and excellent escape plan if the balcony actually had stairs. Put the door back on. Noted that she had peed on the floor. Cleaned floor. Sprawled out to do some reading and talking. Decided to take a nap. Found puppy had also peed on the bed! Drug all the blankets and sheets to the washing machine. Wrestled off mattress cover which is now in the wash. Twisted ankle doing so. Determined that anything I write will be extra grouchy and that I will finish after I no longer want to kill the puppy and/or growl at things.

For now, this is the extent of my chattering – I apologize for the fact that I am quiet and grouchy lately. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Coffee and secrets is generally a good morning.


{May 10, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

I am already returned from the garden. (I need a twelve step program for people who can’t help but revel in the scent of the earth.) Soon, I leave to go shopping for books. Mostly just saying hello, because that is what mornings are for.

If you need some more to read this morning….

read Be not Defeated by the Rain by Kenji Myazawa. I encountered this lovely poem on Slices of Life a kaleidoscope of poetry, pictures, musings, and rambles I am already falling in love with. I’ll end with the description of the blog actually posted there: This is a blog about magic, beauty and poetry. Actually, it’s just a blog about life. Not just any old life, but a life worth living, a life less ordinary. This blog is a reminder, for myself and for the others. Come one and all, make yourselves at home.

Molli still continues to amaze me with her poetry. Bedtime Stories is at once a poem that echoes with something primal and alive, a statement on society and the darker side of human interaction and perception, and yet another reason I am keeping my fingers crossed she picks up writing again. (Quick – peer pressure! *L* If everyone tells her how fabulous she is we can make her jump off a bridge write us more poems.)

new owners a poem by john at Freedom Melodies is a poem about the Muse that makes me want to write a poem about the Muse too, just from an opposite angle! I should change the name of this site to Reactionary Poetry: Because Kitsunes Can’t Help but be Mischievous and Get Into Everything! and call it a day. At…9:15am. Looking for chatter and not poetry from john…click here to view his other blog.

On a totally playful note (every morning should have one) who remembers watching Gummy Bears? And why didn’t anyone tell me seasons 1-3 are on DVD?

That’s all for this morning. Have a lovely day.

{May 5, 2007}   ….

touch me ~ Reach a poem by rax

taste me ~ Thai Silk

hear me ~ anyone familiar with New York? skywindows is asking for help to plan a trip with her 10-year-old daughter who is recovering from cancer, she needs recommendations on child-friendly New York things!

see me ~ gorgeous artwork from Dosia McKay

know me ~ The Kitchen is Crying a book of poems by the delightful Burnie Washington – echoing with strength, faith, honesty, and love. I have been blessed enough to have heard this amazing woman read, and while this book may not be the recommendation people would expect from me I have never failed to be touched, humbled, and awed by Burnie’s faith, grace, and honesty. And, on top of all that – this book is illustrated in rich, tantalizing color.

help me ~ visit and help some people or ask for help

remember me ~ faded a poem by nomadicjoh

love me ~ Dhaka by degrees combines poetry with history with personal experience to…I have no idea…to be awesome? I am at a loss for describing why it’s beautiful, I simply know that it is.

save me ~ light a virtual candle for someone who needs a prayer

Killing time between here and Neverland you might check out—

  • Gumball Poetry which has such things to offer as Nude Badminton by Matt Sandbank!
  • Modern Ruins photographic essays by Shaun O’Boyle – hauntingly lyric photography
  • Poetry Thursday offers links to poems Thursdays, prompts on Fridays, and various other resources and articles
  • Very Short Novels David offers 299 word snapshots of fiction rich with crisp images and a sense of character and humanity – proof that more words do not equal more intensity

{April 5, 2007}   What am I…

…reading? —The Thousand and One Nights, translated by Edward William Lane – Getting Stoned With Savages, J. Maarten Troost – and reading aloud to a friend Tamsin, Peter S. Beagle.

…writing? —i’m working on a poem for my girlfriend – which is going on in fits and starts. No real writing projects right now, though I have been doing tandem exercises with a friend (really, it’s just like skydiving with friends!) and if I get into another one I may toss it up. We shall see.

…making? —right now, this webpage. I have beads half sorted for a few projects, but nothing is done or moved to ‘work in progress’ in that sense.

…checking out? —strange maps – specifically this one of Kerouac’s

…laughing at? —my brother’s insane puppy (who just may be the cutest Boxer ever)

…in love with? —many, many things – for now I’m going with RUM – Captain Morgan Private Stock or (when I can get my hands on it) Stroh 80

…terrified by? —oompa-loompas (have been forever!)

et cetera