chasing shadows again

{July 29, 2008}   Lucien!!!

Remember this monster before he was a monster?



And…close up of a tiny sprouting branch!!!

Baby Branches!!!

Baby Branches!!!

Molli – your plant!!!  He becomes HUGE!!!

{October 26, 2007}   Lucien

Lucien October 2007

Lucien is realizing his destiny is to be a bush! This is his temporary home, where he has two pineapple friends!

Lucien’s Unnamed Pineapple Friend

This is Lucien’s as yet unnamed pineapple friend. Feel free to leave suggested names in the comments. 🙂

Lucien’s Pineapple Friend Camille

This is Lucien’s pineapple friend Camille.

The Vacation Home

Here is the big picture of the temporary place. Lucien will be moved to a place higher up on the incline, nearer the pool fence. First, though, there will be a rock wall to protect him from dogs and the weed-whacker.

{July 27, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

Look! Lucien!


I’m still learning to paint colors into words.  Spinning stories from bits of colored light is harder now.  Also, my camera has decided to die, so I’ve fewer pictures for you, all taken on the last occasion I coaxed it into functioning. But I did want to give you a Lucien picture.


I have been quiet lately.  Life has been insane.  One way or another, it will work itself out.

It is 8:10am here, and I have already gotten my coffee and gone for a walk in the early morning rain.  I actually arrived back in my house from my walk to find my alarm had started going off in my absence.   (An alarm set for five of seven, for those who are curious.)

Lucien has been growing like crazy, all green leaves and fluff.  The plantlings that survived the drought are all green and trying to grow as fast as they can to reach the sky.  They are very excited to be alive.  And very cute.

Also very cute is emo-puppy!

This is emo-puppy himself!

Our darling mutt dog Patch managed to out-queen himself!  Patch, who tends to lie with his front paws daintily crossed and likes nothing better than to groom the other dogs, is always a little adventure.  I came out a few days ago to see Patch lying on the porch, being even more emo than usual, watching my every move with his eyes but too oppressed by angst to lift his head off the porch.  I asked my mother if he’d been fed, and she said he head been too good for his food, and so our other dog had eaten it.  I got him food, which he stuck his face in, jerked it out, and then look up at me with the best look of absolute betrayal ever.  Then, eventually, he picks up one piece of food in his mouth, rolls his eyes to look up at me, and then spits the food back out into his dish!  This (from the dog who eats almost everything!) is extra-special drama.

And, another picture of emo-puppy, for your amusement!

Who would give this dog to the pound?

{June 7, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

Good morning!

I am conscious and not dying this morning, so you get a morning post! Updates are everywhere this morning!

Garden: It has been very dry here lately and most of the cuttings and half the lilikoi sunbaked (even with regular watering). Lucien has lost his big leaves, but his branches have very healthy looking tiny leaves, which seems like it’s fine. (I’ll get a picture soon!) It (finally!) rained last night and the plants are looking a bit better for it. I’ll be happy when we grass again. (Currently the grass is all red-brown and seared to sharp crumbly pokies!) I will give better updates on the garden once it’s wet again and I can do something that’s not damage control.

Zombies, Ghosts, and Vampire Kitties! Oh, my!

{June 4, 2007}   mew

I know I’ve been away. I have so many, many things to type.

I have been sleeping. Sometimes I do that.

I am making coffee now and will settle out on the couch with the laptop and the television and attempt to make contact with the universe. Well…with the universe as contacts me here. There have been other contacts with the universe I shall write about.

For now…Lucien Pictures! He’s growing new branches! (He has his own tag now, Molli!)



Close-up on baby branches:

Lucien Close-Up

et cetera