chasing shadows again

{December 15, 2008}   I have adopted dragon eggs!

Okay, in the spirit of cute and curious, I have adopted dragon eggs.  Apparently they need you to click on them to live.  As I’d rather like to experiment and see what they turn into (maybe I’ll get a zombie-dragon!), I’ve put their clicky links up here.  Have at it – if they hatch, I’ll update you.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!


[…] While your at it, fellow WordPress user Fox needs your help to save his dragons. […]

I clicked on your dragons!

Auggy says:

I have clicked. But I will not adopt my own dragons.

I have my fish; the type of fish the dragons look at and go “oooh! hors d’oeuvres! How thoughtful of you…”

clockworkchris says:

wanted you to knmow my blog moved due to some unfortunate circumstances, but I have not stopped writing. For an invite I will need an email address. If you are not comfortable with this that’s cool, but it’s the only way to keep it private between people I trust online and keep out stalkers and such. Appreciate your support over the years and keep blogging.

Greetings – I invite you to stop by Image & Verse and say hello.

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