chasing shadows again

{September 25, 2008}   hello to the cosmos!

Despite repeatedly falling off the Internet map, I am still alive.

I now have a darling nephew (who will undoubtedly keep me awake with his screaming) who is made of cute.  I keep losing time staring at his tiny nose and tiny toes and letting him grab my finger in his tiny little hands.

I am learning to make greeting cards and notecards.  This is exciting!  And fun!  I enjoy it. Hopefully now I will send more cards.  I need to get some together for Halloween.  Yay!  Skeletons and zombies and monsters!  I miss being home for Halloween.  Here in the Land of Loud Birds there is nowhere to throw a Zombie Carnival.  And no one to drag to it.

Also I found a pattern for cute sushi pillows – so I will perhaps have sushi pillows once I hit up Ben Franklin.  We shall see.

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