chasing shadows again

{July 22, 2008}   ~rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated~

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? – – – Seriously, I don’t have an attention span.  Or a terribly interesting life right now.  I’m going to try to work on that.  And posting.  I know I suck at the posting lately.  (I’m still working on a meme-tag from Ashish!  But I am very glad to be tagged!  Even if I am slow!)

Anyway…I will now ramble through internet hookah shoppings with you.  When I am having no life and am bored I tend to do internet shoppings, often planning trips to Thailand that I’ll never be able to afford or searching for interesting wines and liquors that I can’t have in this house with recovering alcoholics.

Hookah shoppings are a little different.  I can have a hookah (perhaps not RIGHT NOW, but soon).  And they remind me of being home.  Not because I first smoked from one on the East Coast, but because it’s always seemed intimate (though not quite when-a-girl-kisses-you-to-breathe-the-smoke-into-your-lungs intimate).  It’s been with friends and with lovers.  It is FLAVORED!  And it is just…somehow about connection.  I love being part of it, and I miss it even more here in exile in the Land of Loud Birds.

If I do get a hookah out here (unless I find myself with a sudden tribe of hookah loving peoples), it may well be this one.  It is cute, it has pretty frosty purple on it, and it is small enough to carry about. I am enchanted with the lines and the swirls.  I know, I know…I never have been able to resist anything with nice curves….

This is the runner up for a here choice.  Also small, this one doesn’t have the same curves and swirls but it is playful and fun.  Also it has a hard case, making getting it back to the East Coast or down to the beach much more doable – plus makes it an excellent party hookah.

And then there is the FLAVOR shopping.  Romman makes cappuchino, chocolate, rose, vanilla, Turkish coffee, and raspberry that all sound worth trying.  Al Amir makes mocha latte and pomegranate (also guava, pineapple, pina colada, and mango if I ever want a tropical themed smoke night).

Fox!!!  You are just posting links so you won’t forget them and will remember where to get things!!! – – – Ummmmm…yes?  And also so all of my peoples know to poke me once I have these things so they can has smokes with me!!!  Do give pokes!!!  Most of you are airline flights away, which is hard, but…um…I will figure this out!!!  Poke me for visits and with flavors you want to try and with recommendations and with everything.

Tell me everything.  I am very far from home.  And I miss you.


Molli says:

🙂 The little picture in my feed reeding list turned its little orange light on next to your name! That made me happy – happier still to find that the rumours of your demise were entirely fictitious! (It’s always a relief when such things turn out to be blatant lies! :p)

It’s just after 5am here so I’m afraid I’m heading straight off to be after I send this, but I just HAD to stop by and give you a poke (:p) and a hug and a very warm “WELCOME BACK!!” It’s so lovely to see something of you out and about.

I hope you are doing well and that the “I miss you” part isn’t too sad for you 😦 Just know that wherever you are in the world a) You are loved and b) You are being loved from all over the world! Isn’t that nice? 🙂

Anyway, good night for now

Lots of love,

Ashish says:

(I’m still working on a meme-tag from Ashish!
I did? I did, yes I Did! 😀

And YAY! The Foxywoxy is back! 😀

P.S. Ravyn’s review of Dark Knight made me want to go see the film. 😀

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