chasing shadows again

{June 4, 2008}   Flowers for ME!!!

Flowers Cryssy picked for me

So, today was the crazy at work, and I came home just in time to get an e-mail about flowers! They are not yet in my possession, but Cryssy is pressing them for me, and will make them into something and mail them to me!

Also–I date two ultra-awesome womens now! Cryssy has joined my legion of minions other lovers in slavery to my every whim absolute bliss.

thisforceofnature says:

Being able to call me “Cryssy” is such a badge of honor, man.
I suspect Auggy in this.

viva la fleur!

fox says:

Why does you blame the gollum?

Although…um…is true.

Auggy says:

It wasn’t me.


It was Smeagol. and the filthy little hobbitses.

fox says:

*L* Ahhhhhhhh…indeed.

Shockingly comfortable with blaming the hobbitses….

And with this van. Kittens and candy! They are my favorites!

thisforceofnature says:

Rachel: What does the lily mean?
Luce: The lily means…
Luce: The lily means, “I dare you to love me”.

Ashish says:

Nice! 🙂

I’m back btw with a new blog. [Well its actually been two months… sowee for not coming sooner.] I never got to where I wanted in the end. I think Ravyn writes for these days… seen his name pop up there.

How have you been? 🙂

fox says:



I have been very sad with no one to call me foxy-woxy. Just because lesser creatures than The Future Emperor of EVERYTHING fear my wrath if they call me cute names….

Otherwise, I’ve been pretty good. Fewer posts lately but I am hoping to correct that.

Ravyn is indeed reviewing at 411Mania! I read his reviews often. Or, in small batches when I remember. And sometimes I scroll through all the comments to be amazed that I share a species with a few posters. Unless, of course, by some miracle I do not.

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