chasing shadows again

{June 17, 2008}   Look!!! Is a Gollum Kitty!!!

more cat pictures

This kitty requires shiny gold rings and coffee immediately! Perhaps sooner!


I will leave you with the article that rescued my morning.

The Letter in the Pond

Also – as an extra treat – there is also a grammar debate!

{June 4, 2008}   Flowers for ME!!!

Flowers Cryssy picked for me

So, today was the crazy at work, and I came home just in time to get an e-mail about flowers! They are not yet in my possession, but Cryssy is pressing them for me, and will make them into something and mail them to me!

Also–I date two ultra-awesome womens now! Cryssy has joined my legion of minions other lovers in slavery to my every whim absolute bliss.

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