chasing shadows again

{May 15, 2008}   Brought to U by the Letter Chaos….

We all know I love on the controversy – or at least the watching of it.

This time it isn’t religion, it’s a woman’s place in the home-particularly as involves greeting her husband.

Go visit Pedicures and Black Eyes to join in on the fun that is poking into things that will outrage many.  I plan to respond when my brain is not scrambled-for now I just point you in the direction of the madness.

And, to stir up more controversy, the image used as a basic for beginning the discussion of what a woman’s place in the home is today may be a hoax!  The great and all-knowing Wikipedia says so.  More on that also at above link.

mazzy says:

PLEASE write more on unsent letters, your letters are wrth more than you know, and i think they are appreciated by many more people than you can or ever will understand. i have been touched by what you have written and by hearing what you have had to say, i have been able to come to terms with certain things in my life, please keep writing, you have a gift and you have much to say.

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