chasing shadows again

We all know I love on the controversy – or at least the watching of it.

This time it isn’t religion, it’s a woman’s place in the home-particularly as involves greeting her husband.

Go visit Pedicures and Black Eyes to join in on the fun that is poking into things that will outrage many.  I plan to respond when my brain is not scrambled-for now I just point you in the direction of the madness.

And, to stir up more controversy, the image used as a basic for beginning the discussion of what a woman’s place in the home is today may be a hoax!  The great and all-knowing Wikipedia says so.  More on that also at above link.


Not of course, that I’m advocating drinking as the only appropriate response to a long day. Far from it – I am certain that kittens or ice cream sundaes could be passable alternatives. However, right now I would like friends in the same state as I am and a good bar again. There are many things I must do if I win the lottery – but in the event that that should occur I do believe that buying a bar and leaving it in the capable hands of Carlos-the-Jackal may need to happen. Perhaps we can open the post-apocalyptic zombie bar. This…this would be exciting.

Post-apocalyptic zombie bar suggestions, anyone?

{May 10, 2008}   Late Postsecret

Take a Leap of Faith with Me

Someone wrote the following in response to this card:

—–Email Message—–
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 4:44 PM
Subject: Leap of faith

I feel like this almost every day, and in my mind’s eye, it always looks like this secret–a little tattered, a little incoherent, but wide and beautiful. Thank you for sharing the hope.

They deserve many thank yous for writing my response for me. Theirs is much better than I could manage pre-coffee.

So.  Who’s coming?

et cetera