chasing shadows again

{March 27, 2008}   September 04, 2004: Old Poem

you do not know who you are

for all I see you so clearly

reflected in truths that glow like moonlight

and I will wait for you

as people once waited for me

you are so painfully young

caught in that horrible liquid moment

when it seems you must accept gravity or grow wings

and I know of no way to tell you

you’ve wings already and all along

as you tell me the weight of your new world is crushing you

and that you love me

I trail my fingers through feathers you cannot feel yet

and wonder when you will understand


lissa says:

great poem, like a mother to her young child

Sara says:


This is about your I Promise Blogroll. Lissa from Just writing words has decided to leave the list because she’s really busy right now. Angelica from
will take her place. Thank you. Stop by PWB or email me if you need to talk further about this.

Sara says:

ohh, I like that line

caught in that horrible liquid moment.

Wish I would have thought of that one.

“when it seems you must accept gravity or grow wings”

I like this line!

It’s a very nice poem. You did a good job. There are a few lines I really love and they make the poem really worth reading.

Jade says:

I wish someone had poemed these words for me, back when…

Anna says:

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