chasing shadows again

{February 3, 2008}   Sunday Morning Coffee and Secrets

When I am 40, I want to be here.

Right now I am 27, and terrified I will not have children before I am 30.

I have no real home at moment (do not misinterpret, I am living in a house!) and I am slowly coming to terms with the knowledge that I will not stumble upon a place to belong and will instead have to build one.


jenefur says:

I was 27, single and no kids. I met my husband at 28, married at 29 and had my kid at 30 (well, I turned 31 3 weeks later).

Stranger things have happened! 🙂

thisforceofnature says:

Life takes us onto some strange roads, love. Sometimes they are bumpy, but somehow I don’t think you’d like the people you met if you traveled the smooth ones.

have patience, it will come.

Sara says:

I love your poetry. Hope you post some more soon.

lissa says:

I hope you find some answers or at least something that will lead you to happiness. Who isn’t terrify of change or no change?

pedicuresandblackeyes says:

I know what you mean about finding a home. I’m 22 and have never felt more abandonded or uncared for, and worse- nobody to care for. It’s nobody’s fault- my parents want me to be independent. My friends have their own lives. I finally found a home at my dojang, learning Tae Kwon Do. Martial arts communities are very loyal and strong. Perhaps you can actively seek out a similar community (and they are out there!). It won’t fulfill all your needs but it’ll help! Good luck.

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