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{January 4, 2008}   Holiday Yummy Fuzzies!!!

I went shopping with Jayna yesterday. After a delightful mall food lunch (I’ll let her write about the horrific service I got, she does mad so much better than me), we went to Victoria’s Secret. I failed to find anything I had to have and was being freaked out by all the people (I’m used to sleepy ocean-side towns now) we went to Build-a-Bear where the woman who helped us watched with amusement as we juggled coffee and bears and did our low-key public dating thing (though I think we were figured out, because we got the ‘awwww’ face). We both made Champ bears for each other, because the Jayna is with the wanting to donate dollars (admittedly only four dollars were donated between our bears) to children’s causes-and they’re ultra-cute and ultra-soft AND there is corduroy on their paws! I totally slept with mine last night. Her name is Morgan (it’s a rum reference, I approve!). Then, on our way out we discovered Lush! (Molli – you click this one for Australia! Need a not USA, not Australia country – use this link!) It is the handmade deliciousness!

Anyway, shopping updates have links but no whining, so they are for the win. Trust me – links to fuzzy things and delicious things beats the ‘why is standing me up the new national pastime? I get that you have things but if this happens on a third day in a row I’ll be a crisis!’ post. At least I still have Morgan!

This is totally what you get for complaining when I don’t update Ashish – teddy bears and soap posts!

ALSO – there is totally a one day only community poem going up on Poets Who Blog!!! Please help celebrate the birthday of Poets Who Blog!!! Cake would also be appropriate!!!


I love you.

So, the story about the stupid lady at the food place. Fox and I were walking up to order food, and I stepped in line behind her because she was paying for aforementioned food and it seemed to make sense. So the stupid lady says “For here or to go” to which Fox replies “here” and then she asks ME, what I want, and proceeds to ignore the pretty Fox. Then after serving me she cleans the line and adds more food to the trays before asking her what she wants. Totally bitchiness.

Ashish says:

I don’t mind the soaps, just don’t mention the teddy bears! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you had a good day! ๐Ÿ™‚

fox says:

Jayna-love you too.

Ashish-*chuckles* Did you have a scarring teddy bear trauma as a child, Future-Emperor-of-EVERYTHING?

I did, very much so. Thank you.

thisforceofnature says:

That lady in the food court? I’m sure I know her. She is a HO. For Sho’.

LUSH is the most amazing, best ever place. My favorites are the amazonian massage bar and the shampoo bars. Kudos to you for knowing the wonders of Lush!

Bears rule. You girls rule.

Molli says:

Aren’t you a sweetheart for putting in a link for Australian Lush outlets! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am poor so I make my own bath and body stuff (this way I use up all of the fun in the kitchen that I’ll never get around to eating, I save money AND I know it hasn’t been sprayed/smeared on some poor bunny!), I do, however, LOVE the sound of their products – and the names – “Angels on Bare Skin” – doesn’t that just sound deliciously delightful?!!! I love the fact that they don’t test their products on animals or use anything obtained from animals AND they tell you what ingredients goes into everything they make (ergo, Molli now has a new source of recipes to play with! Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’m sorry anyone was EVER rude to you! How dare they? Anyone who can not play nice should NOT ever be allowed in a position of people-contact. They should be popped in a jar of formaldehyde and put on display somewhere as an example of pure nastiness!

Sara says:

Your I promise blogroll list is now up at PWB. Check it out and, if you can, comment on the blogs tommorow. Hope you enjoy this program. It is a nice way to meet more poets.

Thanks for taking part.

I would prefer more and latest poetry on your blog for me to comment on. You need to update it regularly.

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