chasing shadows again

{January 2, 2008}   And…this is why….

….I love PostSecret!


harlequinsgazette says:

I saw that one this Sunday; loved it too. For Christmas, I bought six people that book, wrapped them up as if they were receiving a package from PostSecret.

Before wrapping one, I read through it…great read, but extremely short. Frank’s blog is growing, so they become more interesting each week!

Thanks for letting me stop by!

fox says:

Brilliant! I need to do handouts of that book. ๐Ÿ™‚

And you are most welcome – thanks for visiting!

harlequinsgazette says:

Just real quick and I’ll leave you be, always make sure you write a note to the person inside of the book, that way they can’t re-gift or exchange it. It was a hint to some people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

fox says:

*L* I’ve written notes in nearly every book or journal I’ve given away for years. This was inspired partly by my love of antique books with inscription (I’ve bought used books just because I was fond of the notes written in them) and mostly by the copy of The Last Unicorn that was given to me by a friend with a poem and a note on the inside. I’ve gotten a few gifted books over the years, but I have always loved that one, and while it does help that I did love the book I have taken it down simply to read the inscription. So, my reasons are different, but the result of scribbled on books is much the same.

Narek says:

so the last time i wrote an inscription in a book cover was with the animorophs series. can i just say, people transforming into animals is so the hottest thing right now. wouldn’t you agree foxywoxy? also, i know it’s a 6th grade reading level, but some of those themes are so adult. hence the note in the front. i like to give warning of what to expect when you’re expecting. write back soon. ps, i love courdoroy paws too ๐Ÿ™‚

fox says:

I’ve read one of those books, or part of one rather. I think I managed to read about three chapters before I gave it up. The series wasn’t for me. But I’m not a big people turning into animals person-I have to be sold on the character or the plot, and by the time I read Animorphs I was definitely looking for something not on a sixth grade reading level. It certainly isn’t a failing of the series-I’m glad to hear you enjoy them.

And definitely glad to hear someone else believes in inscribing books!

Thanks much for stopping by!

Narek says:

dear fox, thanks for replying! i have been interested in your blogs, and i was just wondering where this website got its origins… did it start as a fan site for yours or someones cat? i found everything, the conversations, the pictures, the cuteness, the deliciousness, and the jayna so intriguing, i just would love to learn more about you guys, and this site. i was initially attracted to your site becuase of my adoration for the god like characteristics of kittens. kittens are the closest to heaven we can ever get. being with a cat is like being in heaven. thanks for listening, write back soon.

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