chasing shadows again

{November 16, 2007}   Good Morning Cosmos! ~Quick Note before Work~

Good morning!

I’m sorry my updates have been rarer and shorter, but I’ve been working. Once I have internet access from work (which I will eventually, theoretically have), I should be able to post more. Yay!

Meanwhile, you get a note to say hi. 🙂 Because I miss saying that.

Um.  And this picture.

Lizard Contemplation

That is all.

Have a wonderful day!


AWWW! Want. Bring me one home for Christmas?

innovatel says:

Great photo … very compliment 🙂

*Hugs* Love for you! I miss you!


ghostseraph says:


fox says:

Jayna-Those little suckers are fast! And I reflexively catch mice, not lizards.

Innovatel-Thank you!

Ravyn-*hugs* Thanks love. I miss you too. But we has times this week!


innovatel says:

@Fox -> Nothing 🙂

Ashish says:

Good morning! [Even though its a week late. 😛 ]

fox says:

Thanks! Always good to hear from you!

Ashish says:

*knock knock* Foxywoxy home? We need an update! It’s almost two weeks! 😀

fox says:

Indeed. 🙂 I am a bad, bad fox. Updates coming!

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