chasing shadows again

Good morning!

I’m sorry my updates have been rarer and shorter, but I’ve been working. Once I have internet access from work (which I will eventually, theoretically have), I should be able to post more. Yay!

Meanwhile, you get a note to say hi. 🙂 Because I miss saying that.

Um.  And this picture.

Lizard Contemplation

That is all.

Have a wonderful day!

{November 14, 2007}   LOLcats and Lost Arcane Lore

moar funny pictures

Oh. Is that where the demons keep coming from? Huh. I was wondering why I couldn’t get rid of the things.

…I humbly present for your attention these Evil Overlord Lists. Please do not smite a fox. I hope they are helpful as you plan for world domination.


[I suppose others might also enjoy these lists, but they are linked because visiting Ashish reminded me of them.]

{November 6, 2007}   Post-It: Poetry Recommendation

Tom gives us Viscera / Ephemera. Death. Cherry blossoms. Awesomeness.

Like Turtledoves

Our starfruit tree has fruits! Billions of them!

More Starfruits in the Tree

Also our starfruit tree has an orchid!

The Mystery Orchid

 Perhaps later I will make a post with more words.

et cetera