chasing shadows again

{October 25, 2007}   Randomly Composed in WordPress Poem because it is Thursday

when I
come back from the edge
of the world I
will bring for you
seeds to grow
stars; there will be
wonders where I am going –
where you cannot
guard me
against serpents
rising up like dragons
from the sea.

they will not be able
to frighten
anymore; not me –
watching them unfurl
like exotic poisoned flowers
on storm-swept decks
I will remember
not fear; but
the immortality of souls.

swallowed whole
or not
their tongues
searing flame
will trail over my skin
no more than a caress –
my love
your love
our love
will save me.

the words you
gave me
whispered in the dark
have become

Although Poetry Thursday is ended. 😦 Their site will remain up as an archive until January 2008. If you’ve been meaning to go poking through there but haven’t found the time (like me! I am a bum!), do make it soon.

Anyway, that poem is for Carlos-the-Jackal. (Carlos-the-Jackal is my favorite of your nicknames that I remember. If you want another one here, you may have it.) If he does not know why, I will be forced to bat at him when I visit this winter. (As both a hint and a message – thank you again for the book.) I felt like playing with line breaks and punctuation. Carlos-the-Jackal always did like it when I tried new things. I’ll try in Word too, where I can play more with the spacing of lines horizontally. WordPress gremlins eat my spaces! (If I manage, I will bring it when I come home. Or perhaps entrust it to the mail.)


Amazing as always, love. I always love to see your writing…you have such an incredible talent and an ability to make the written word so evocative and heart-felt. I envy your skills, truly. And I’m so very glad that you have your armor now.


fox says:

You gived me armors too! But it can’t be your poem. Because there is nowhere I have ever gone you would not follow me. *hugs* It could only be your poem if addressed someone on storm-swept decks facing sea serpents with me.

Though in all fairness to the people who can’t or don’t always follow me, you are one of the few people I very rarely fight with. I fight other people, drive them back and away and lock up doors so they can’t follow me. Even the ones who want to help me. Because I am a difficult, difficult creature. Very few others may carry my secrets and dreams.

But I really should learn not to bite people who are only trying to love me. I make it so hard to do sometimes.

You don’t bite me…

I love you, you write beautifully.

fox says:

I do not bite you.

I needs to write you a poem soon.

laura says:

wonderful poem…and did I read that correctly, are you visiting the area at some point?!?!

fox says:

I am in fact coming back. I get in the day after Christmas and stay about two weeks. 🙂

I came from Poets who blog for pay it forward. I don’t find much poetry on your blog. However, I like this a lot. The italized sentences taken together can form a poem too.

lissa says:

kind of like a knight spilling his heart out to a maiden

Scott says:

i really liked your use of punctionation and the way you broke each line up with line breaks..

this part of the poem really stood out for me..
swallowed whole
or not
their tongues
searing flame
will trail over my skin
no more than a caress –
my love
your love
our love
will save me.

and i’m glad you shared that with us. i felt like i could easily follow what you had to say, but you did it in a very creative way.

So do I comment on the same posts each thursday?


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