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{October 25, 2007}   No More Hugs!!! :(

The hugs counter is dead!!! This is injustice!!!

Failing it’s resurrection, is anyone around who can (and is willing to) make a similar thing to share? I miss my hugs, and I would imagine others do too.

Any kind of sharable hug things would be welcomed, icons or little boxes with words and texts for signatures so that cute hugs can be left, whatever hugs things are sharable. I am no good at creating these things. But I will collect them for the sharings!


The closest thing I could find with a quick web search was the Free Hugs Campaign–which is not the same, but is still pretty damn cool:

No hugs counter is teh sad…but I give you non-counted hugs! *Hugs*


fox says:

Somewhere I have links to that!!! I loves Juan Mann!!!

I needs to do free hugs! But I needs to do the free hugs with the other peoples. I am tiny and crunchable. I would feel better with a few other hugging people. I will form hugging army!

*hugs back*

Ashish says:

But I can see it in the sidebar… :S

Gasp! Teh Ravyn is alive~!

fox says:

It is back! zomg!!! *pyrrs*

YAAAAAY! Hugzes are back!


Rahi says:


Don’t know how this can help but there is something that I have tried to write. You can reblog it or use it somewhere is you find helpful.

Link ::

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