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{September 27, 2007}   This meme spreads love!

So…this meme made it to me through my LJ (which I have largely abandoned). It is stolen from a Puppy.

Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love. Be advised that if I don’t know you that well, they might be small things.

If people who I don’t know respond this…I suppose I will make something up. Gods help us if that happens. But it may be entertainment. I may be able to somehow work in a chinchilla.

Also I added a hug counter to the sidebar.  It is too big, however, I will forgive it.  I am sure there is a way to fix it, but I can live with the thing sticking out a little.  Give me hugs, set yourself up to get get hugs.  I like it.  It’s cute.


Ashish says:

Oh but they’ll kick me out of the Evil Emperor Hall of Fame if they find people LOVING me! 😛

fox says:

I’ll tell them you threatened to kill my kitten if I didn’t tell you three reasons I loved you. Will that help?

1. You make me laugh.

2. You refer to yourself as the Evil Emperor (and the Future Emperor and all kinds of other Emperors!) and that is just too perfect. I never know what kind of Emperor you will be next.

3. You comment here all the time. I like comments. And you reply to my comments on your blog (and here!).

thisforceofnature says:

1. You are unapologeticly, you. While you do, from time to time, like to feel guilty for this, for reasons that don’t quite justify your doing so, you remain you. We need people like you.

2. You are fucking classy.

3. You see things in ways that a lot of people miss.

fox says:

*giggles* I see you’ve skipped straight to telling me why you love me! I made a squee noise when I read your second reason. I’m surprised the dogs didn’t riot. They riot a lot lately.

1. There is something undeniably enchanting about being greeted with “I love your face!” The additions of “more than Elvis” and “better than Elvis” only add to the enchantment.

2. You use lots of exclamation points. I appreciate excitement. You provide many excitements.

3. You are tough. 🙂 I likes tough girls. Besides, as you know, it takes tough people to survive me.

Ashish says:

Well that will do then. I guess His Geeked Up Mightiness, the [future] Emperor of the World, the Geek Wrestler [my official title for now] must have some admirers! 😛 Now on to 3 things why I love you –

1. The name Fox. I love foxes. 4th on my list behind lions, elephants and wolves. The name suits you and I get to make kewl nicknames like foxywoxy. 😛

2. Your writing style. Something that brings that smile on the face everytime I read.

3. You like GREEN. My second fav color after red. Your blog kind of is a relief from mine. lol.

4. [Yes, bonus] You’ve never mentioned Disney or any of their [new] stupid shows/films.

How’s that? 😛

fox says:

That’s awesome! 🙂

But only future emperors get to call me foxywoxy. *L* I so almost choked on my coffee the first time I read that.

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