chasing shadows again

{September 26, 2007}   Cruising on the River Styx

I think about you dead and beautiful dancing
together in eternal halls come alive with sensuous taffy twists of neon
you died bathed in the glow of artificial light never having glimpsed each other
on shores you will never touch again you united two families
dreaming of the children you will never have while words turn bitter on their tongues
as they ask why despite your love you were left alone
to fall into the warm Aegean sea to lie cold in a Mexican morgue
how they could have begun to wait forever for your smiles
not knowing somehow that waiting would not ever end in delicious tangerine surprises
that visions of what may have happened would replace sugarplums
unable to believe you would dance forever together
united in confusion walking through hallways filled with strangers’ laughter
you have a drink or three in the glittering casino as you wonder
which of you is on the wrong ship because you aren’t headed the same direction
why everything once indissoluble is melting into memory torn easily as cotton candy
and what went so terribly wrong between spins of the roulette wheel

Mmmmmmm…reasons I should not watch TV – this poem is a response to Dark Voyage. Because in a sufficiently odd mood I will write poems about what’s on tv.

This poem was actually written ages ago, but I have toyed with posting it or not posting it and back and forth. I’ve decided to post it, if for nothing else that to ask – is is bad that death = candy?

It is my poem, and I do not understand.

Someone make sure there is brightly colored candy at my funeral. I am especially fond of Dolles Taffy. That would be appropriate. My favorite flavors are the mint and the strawberry. I do not like the licorice. Please do not serve the licorice ones at my funeral. Unless people who never liked me come and pretend to be deeply personally affected. Then you may put the licorice taffy in their coffee. On the off chance I can see you do this – know I will be laughing.


Scott says:

which of you is on the wrong ship because you aren’t headed the same direction..

i really liked this piece young lady..
lots of words and no punctionation made it hard to follow sometime, but i like the end result.

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