chasing shadows again

{September 19, 2007}   What Can’t You Say With a Kitty? – Kitties go to the Bar!

Behind the suggestion for that wacky flavored martini? Just say so!
i be down with that

Need someone to ask for your drink? Kitteh has it covered!

Inevitably some sleazy guy will come offer you “a drink.” By which he will mean sex.

The one I need at all the parties….

Someone always goes a little nuts….
i iz a� faroshuz tiggerrrr

Sometimes in the morning you will feel like this

Inevitably someone will end up with a story like this….

This outcome however…is far better. Yum. Waffles.
Im in ur bed eatin ur waffelz


Molli says:

I think, perhaps, you should have been the one to put together “Chicken Soup For The Soul”! I always find something on your page to give me those wonderful warm and fuzzies. I LOVE these kitties… and they’re so well set off with that horrendous grammar. Delightful. I definitely want that “I R Not Squeezy Toy” picture and statement tattooed somewhere prominently – my forehead (or perhaps my arze!)

I hope you’ve had a lovely week, fox. Thank you for the smiles here today 🙂

Love Molli

fox says:

*chuckles* Makes me want to design shirts! Or pants. I can sew on beads right across the back to say that!

I of course (having no sense of humor recognized by most people) cannot actually make LOLcats. However, I can collect them. All of those kitties come from the delightful i can has cheeze burger. For more cuteness, you can check out cute overload.

fox says:

And, also, my delightful girlfriend points out lolsecretz! Secrets AND kitties!

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