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{September 9, 2007}   Sunday Morning Coffee with Postsecret

Today the coffee is Vanilla Latte by Hawaiian Isles Coffee Company.  I have not tried it yet, as it is still steaming menacingly  from its place beside the laptop.

Two hours later, the coffee is cold, but I can assure you that it was good.

While reading through the Postsecret website I showed my mother this postcard.  We talked about the site and I showed her my copy of the first Postsecret book.  [I will at some point have them all!  However, I am waiting until I am settled somewhere I will be living (or until I’m next at an exhibit – notes from Frank are awesome!)]  Then my sister wanted to see the book, so she read the book.  I told her she could write a secret in it.  She’s thinking about it.

I am in love with this postcard.  In love.


Molli says:

Your Sunday morning coffee posts always make my mouth water! That is an excellent postcard 🙂 I just emailed you some I had saved from 2005 – I hope they reach you safe and sound (I’m trying to make up for the lack of reply to your email!)

Ashish says:

Two hours later, the coffee is cold, but I can assure you that it was good.
So, the coffee is cold because it has found its way into the stomach or is it still on the table? If it is still on the table then how can you say it was good? Sherlock “Geek Wrestler” Holmes thinks that perhaps Fox drank half the coffee or that she’s already tasted this particular one earlier. lol.

fox says:

Drank half. 🙂 You are good!

Ashish says:

Did you expect something else? 😛 *cocky Randy Orton pose*

Jhon says:

now u just dont have to wait for sunday… its every day man!!! you can see good photosecrets on and need not to look for postcard also.. go online and make a photosecret on it also.

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