chasing shadows again

{September 4, 2007}   Six Wacky Things Meme

I’m with Ashish on this one – I’ve done a lot of memes about me lately, I think it’s time you do some memes about me!

Here’s how it works – you comment and tell me six wacky things about me (as per the tradition established in Ashish’s meme, you can make them up!).  If you’ve read this, you are tagged.

If you post this meme and I miss it, kindly nudge me.  🙂  It’s only fair I play too.


Ashish says:

6 Weird Things About Fox –

1. The time she kicked a stone and it turned into a handsome man, who kissed her and he again became a stone… weird.
2. Fox lives on a Mango tree. Weird considering Foxes are ground creatures and the fact that there are no Mango trees in Hawaii…
3. Chasing Shadows Again… I mean if she was already chasing them, why did she stop, and if she stopped, why did she begin again? weird.
4. Dancing to the hula [well sort of that dance in which Hawaiian girls dance with flowery garlands that they show on Teevee] everytime someone calls her Foxywoxy…
5. The time she dyed her haid blonde.. I mean why would anyone do that?
6. Calling everyone up at midnight and saying “BOOOOO!!! Scared you didn’t I?”

Does that suffice? 😛 And you better tell that Shaelene to stop calling me when i’m asleep… I ain’t coming back just to be sacrificed to Poseidon… Aphrodite okay, Poseidon definitely not! 😛

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