chasing shadows again

{September 28, 2007}   I love you!!! Smile!!!

Once again I searches the Internets for chocolate and cute to make my Ravyn smile.

Chocolate Pirate from Drink Mixer:
1 1/2 oz Bacardi 151 Rum
1 oz Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
1 oz Milk
2 scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
***Mix in blender until smooth and serve in a chilled wine goblet.***

Chocolate Bytes! A chocolate blog! Find more pirate chocolate madness!

If I could ever get behind a $10.00 bar of chocolate, I think this might be it! In Conneticut there is this guy named Fritz Knipschildt and he is clearly a genius. Check out his burnt carmel and Hawaiian sea salt chocolate bar at or check out his place Chocopologie where you can buy that same delicious chocolate combination in truffle form!

Witch Crossing Chocolate Bar – I don’t even have anything to add to that!

Love Hurts! Heart Shaped Jalapeno Dark Chocolate Truffles! I think those chocolates are like the statement of the year! Give them to that special person you hate to love or love to hate for Valentines Day!

Mistletoe Man Magnet Chocolate Bar – I could say something, but I can’t beat their text! “Hold strategically above head and standby for action. NOTE: Individual results may vary.”

Another reason to move to where you are…. Cacao

And in closing…chocolate kitten!

{September 27, 2007}   This meme spreads love!

So…this meme made it to me through my LJ (which I have largely abandoned). It is stolen from a Puppy.

Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love. Be advised that if I don’t know you that well, they might be small things.

If people who I don’t know respond this…I suppose I will make something up. Gods help us if that happens. But it may be entertainment. I may be able to somehow work in a chinchilla.

Also I added a hug counter to the sidebar.  It is too big, however, I will forgive it.  I am sure there is a way to fix it, but I can live with the thing sticking out a little.  Give me hugs, set yourself up to get get hugs.  I like it.  It’s cute.

{September 26, 2007}   Cruising on the River Styx

I think about you dead and beautiful dancing
together in eternal halls come alive with sensuous taffy twists of neon
you died bathed in the glow of artificial light never having glimpsed each other
on shores you will never touch again you united two families
dreaming of the children you will never have while words turn bitter on their tongues
as they ask why despite your love you were left alone
to fall into the warm Aegean sea to lie cold in a Mexican morgue
how they could have begun to wait forever for your smiles
not knowing somehow that waiting would not ever end in delicious tangerine surprises
that visions of what may have happened would replace sugarplums
unable to believe you would dance forever together
united in confusion walking through hallways filled with strangers’ laughter
you have a drink or three in the glittering casino as you wonder
which of you is on the wrong ship because you aren’t headed the same direction
why everything once indissoluble is melting into memory torn easily as cotton candy
and what went so terribly wrong between spins of the roulette wheel

Mmmmmmm…reasons I should not watch TV – this poem is a response to Dark Voyage. Because in a sufficiently odd mood I will write poems about what’s on tv.

This poem was actually written ages ago, but I have toyed with posting it or not posting it and back and forth. I’ve decided to post it, if for nothing else that to ask – is is bad that death = candy?

It is my poem, and I do not understand.

Someone make sure there is brightly colored candy at my funeral. I am especially fond of Dolles Taffy. That would be appropriate. My favorite flavors are the mint and the strawberry. I do not like the licorice. Please do not serve the licorice ones at my funeral. Unless people who never liked me come and pretend to be deeply personally affected. Then you may put the licorice taffy in their coffee. On the off chance I can see you do this – know I will be laughing.

{September 25, 2007}   Lonely?

Visit Dunkin Donuts.  At any given time on an average day, 29 other people will join you in buying coffee in the same second you do!  Hold up the line with small talk, and you may be buying coffee with about two-hundred other people.

If I move to somewhere with a Dunkin Donuts nearby, I will never be lonely again!

{September 23, 2007}   Sunday Morning Coffee

It is Sunday morning.  I am thinking of using Sundays for gardening and coffee tasting and talking to you.  Sundays are of course also for Postsecret, which I am opening now.  I sort of enjoy lazing about on Sunday mornings.

Reading over the secrets this week is captivating.  There are so many this week that I could write about, or touch on.

However, because I know that some people will understand, I will simply draw your attention to this one.

And now I will go on to search for meatloaf recipes.  Meatloaf!

Behind the suggestion for that wacky flavored martini? Just say so!
i be down with that

Need someone to ask for your drink? Kitteh has it covered!

Inevitably some sleazy guy will come offer you “a drink.” By which he will mean sex.

The one I need at all the parties….

Someone always goes a little nuts….
i iz a� faroshuz tiggerrrr

Sometimes in the morning you will feel like this

Inevitably someone will end up with a story like this….

This outcome however…is far better. Yum. Waffles.
Im in ur bed eatin ur waffelz

Today the coffee is Vanilla Latte by Hawaiian Isles Coffee Company.  I have not tried it yet, as it is still steaming menacingly  from its place beside the laptop.

Two hours later, the coffee is cold, but I can assure you that it was good.

While reading through the Postsecret website I showed my mother this postcard.  We talked about the site and I showed her my copy of the first Postsecret book.  [I will at some point have them all!  However, I am waiting until I am settled somewhere I will be living (or until I’m next at an exhibit – notes from Frank are awesome!)]  Then my sister wanted to see the book, so she read the book.  I told her she could write a secret in it.  She’s thinking about it.

I am in love with this postcard.  In love.

{September 4, 2007}   Six Wacky Things Meme

I’m with Ashish on this one – I’ve done a lot of memes about me lately, I think it’s time you do some memes about me!

Here’s how it works – you comment and tell me six wacky things about me (as per the tradition established in Ashish’s meme, you can make them up!).  If you’ve read this, you are tagged.

If you post this meme and I miss it, kindly nudge me.  🙂  It’s only fair I play too.

{September 1, 2007}   and sometimes also

And sometimes also that cotton candy soul tearing will happen.  But life will still be indescribably beautiful.  Even while you’re crying, trying simultaneously to listen to your ex-fiancee breathing and hang up the phone.

And get over the fact that you just responded to “tell me a story” with the plot synopsis of Chill Out Scooby-Doo!.

Or the fact that you’re still in love with him.

Falling in love with more than one person at once is not as easy as it looks – it is both a thousand times more complicated and a thousand times more simple.  It is a raindrop falling into the ocean and a fractal pattern of light and an unending number kinda thing like Pi.  Strawberry.  Strawberry Pi.

{September 1, 2007}   sometimes

Sometimes, I remember that love can wash the colors in the sunset clean.

I bought rose-colored glasses.

I have orchids that are pink, and a toe-ring that is a heart shot through with an arrow.

I am in love with such depth that it could tear my soul apart like cotton candy. Instead, love makes the world seem suddenly infinitely more precious.


This is why I live.  Even now, when I can hardly remember who I am, this reminds me.

I am in love. It’s all been worth it. It all will be.

et cetera