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{July 9, 2007}   message in a bottle

After having written a poem about a message in a bottle for Molli, I have found another post on WordPress about messages in bottles.  Sand in Circles is written by Max Adams (whose blog I have been devouring, she puts lovely pictures in every post and is well worth reading) as a guest post on udreamofjanie.

Now I look for messages from bottles.  I have found a few links of interest.  Which of course, I will share.

Note in a Bottle Makes a 30-Year Return Voyage

Message in a Bottle to Say Goodbye

Many Snippets on Messages in Bottles/And then commentary of a religious nature – all roads DO lead to Rome!

Not True!!!  I am heart-broken.  My Ravyn cannot toss a bottle into a river and expect I may find it.

And, if you need more amusement check out one of my favorites Found Magazine.  Not (often) found in bottles, but I very much enjoy it.

I think that’s all for now.  Except for one thing.

Max – I hear you.


B says:

sigh. Fox’s page so full of life and words, my page sad and lacking. I am too lazy and uninterested in talking about me or attempting to put thoughts into words. Makes me feel like Ive got hot spagetti for brains. mmmmmmmm spegetti! 😉

fox says:

Note the dates and the lapses in posts that last about a week sometimes. 🙂 I am actually horribly negligent, it just looks impressive because I’ve been negligent for months.

Ashish says:

So um… if I ever get stuck on a lonely island I should just phone home instead of throwing bottles with messages in them, right? right? 🙂

fox says:

That depends…how quickly would you like to be rescued? 🙂 Glad to have you back, Ash.

Molli says:

I went and read Max’s post, Fox. That’s beautifully written and I’m so glad you brought it to everyone’s attention. (Okay, I’m a little presumptuous there…maybe “everyone” is not as happy about it as I am, but I think it’s a pretty fair supposition! 🙂 )
I wrote something similar to a friend some years back. Not nearly as elegantly, nor as moving, but just that thought that people write to each other with the intent, regardless of what’s being said aloud, of saying “I’m here”, much like the teenager’s grafitti, “I woz ‘ere ’86” – only we like to think we’re a little more eloquent, so we wrap that statement in prettier words. “I’m here and, gosh darn it, look how smart I am!” Um, okay, I got off track there – what a surprise! I really do love that piece Max has written and it’s almost making me want to pick up a pen and write again. That’s something… and I have YOUU to thank for it… so thank you!
At the risk of being even wordier than usual, I saw a newspaper article some months ago which made me think of you. I wish I had have saved it. It was telling of a crate of rubber ducks (I’m not kidding) that got washed over the side of a cargo ship somewhere off the coast of Japan a few years back… and these little yellow rubber duckies have been washing up on shores all about the Pacific ring ever since… it made me think of you and your messages in bottles and I hoped, so much I hoped, that a little yellow rubber duckie would wash up on the beach for you to find 🙂

fox says:

Your ducks have brought much joy! I have so far read the articles to my mother, sent those links through IM, and debated traveling to England to search for ducks (and perhaps visit someone).

Those ducks would be the best ducks. They have traveled the world. They are bleached by the sun. They have been one with the ocean. I would like one of those ducks to tell me stories while I sleep. I may write them a poem.

I will end this comment with the delightful suggestion (from my mother!) that someone should start a rubber duck rescue organization to free the ducks and release them back to the sea. After so long on the ocean, what right do we have to take them from the sea?

Molli says:

Reading your mum’s suggestion, I now see where you get it from! This is definitely a comment to you both, ladies! 🙂 Did you find the article which said some were washed up in both Australia and Hawaii? That’s why I had hopes that one (or a thousand) might have floated your way. At least I know, if they do, that they will be loved and liberated by two very kind ladies 🙂

There is much more to be learned about the bath toys lost at sea. For one thing, there have been no confirmed sightings along the coastlines of the Atlantic.

fox says:

I’m glad to see people are still poking around the ducks! Every time a new comment comes up on them I have to smile – not just because I love comments, but also because the ducks really do just make me smile.

Hopefully the poor ducks didn’t get lost in the arctic! Brrrrrrr! That’s so not where I’d want to be lost.

Thanks for dropping by with a duck update!

-fox (Who now must head off to sign up to be lost in the Caribbean in the event of being reincarnated as a rubber duck lost at sea!)

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