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{July 3, 2007}   ZOMG!!! I am meme-tagged!!! (And I thought no one loved me….)

I am tagged by Ashish for TWO memes!!! This is the most excitement I’ve had in…okay, not in ages, but I’ll update about my life in another post!

The first meme is the dreaded 8 things meme!

  1. I actually like being tagged for memes – probably because it happens so rarely (and because I always got picked last for dodgeball).
  2. My favorite color depends on my mood – either dark purple or green like sunlight filtering through oak leaves. One reminds of my goddess and the other reminds me of life.
  3. I have been to Japan and not climbed Mt. Fuji – which I hear means I am destined to go back (until I climb the mountain). That is actually very good for me because the area near Fuji has a.) my favorite place to stay, b.) lavender ice ice cream, and c.) really good blueberry wine. Fuji is my favorite mountain in the world, and the thought that somehow it has imprinted this imperative to return on my soul makes me deliriously happy.
  4. I love rum. Notably Stroh 80 and Captain Morgan Private Stock.
  5. I really, really, really need to get a collar. I miss having one, I like the feel of them on my throat. There is a deranged part of me that wants a cat collar with a bell, just to drive everyone mad. However, more likely is something like this.
  6. I want a hedgehog. This is irrational and entirely because of Tamsin by Peter S. Beagle. He also wrote The Last Unicorn. Tamsin is better. I still shudder when I read it.
  7. I feel especially sexy in lingerie and heeled boots. This has become my traditional New Year’s Eve party outfit. This year I would also like to wear a top hat. I believe that this will be absolutely wonderful – but I have to get back to the East Coast AND lose 20 pounds. [Ravyn (I already know what you’ll say)-yes, I know that, but I’m talking about walking around in lingerie. If I fail to lose 20 pounds, I will simply have to wear a corset. And a top hat. Actually, I might like that outfit better….]
  8. I love pomegranates.

Meme #2 is this odd food meme!

The second meme tells me to list out my top 5 places to eat at my location. But first I have to link folks who tagged me with their location and add mine to that.

Ashish (Dead Man’s Alley, Imperial Crater, Mars) [Yes I’m an alien.. Hello! Only aliens get world conquering dreams, ok? {Am I turning Malaysian or what!}]

fox (Hawai’i) likes to eat in these places (among many, many others):

  1. Ken’s House of Pancakes [Hilo, HI] (because at least one place should be where I live now)
  2. Paper Moon Diner [Baltimore, MD] (their webpage makes me so very amused)
  3. Jaleo [Bethesda, MD was my favorite location] (love their sangria and well…everything-if you’ve never has Spanish tapas, you must try them)
  4. Pellegrino’s [New York, NY] (Amazing!!!)
  5. Amalfi [Rockville, MD] (great place for a date!)

I tag Jayna, freckledfaerie, Molli, blackflame, corielena, that Dryad girl who may or may not have a blog, um…my Ravyn just got tagged…ah…I so need more friends that will tolerate me tagging them. Taking volunteers!



Ashish says:

Lol. Great job, better than me! 😎

I would’ve taken the meme, if I hadn’t passed it on to you! lol. Do send future ones over to me too.. I love em! 😉

I love you, but I rarely do memes. And you and Ravyn are the only people I read here.

fox says:

Not doing the meme is okay. It is still fun to tag!

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