chasing shadows again

{July 3, 2007}   Because Religious Commentary Fascinates Me….

Don’t ask me to Read Your Holy Book

A note on circular reasoning and faith, followed by at moment 120 comments from various people. The point that faith is based on faith is well taken. As is the point that another passage in the book under question does not validate another point made in the same book.

If you could cite evidence and footnote your religion through from beginning to end, it wouldn’t be about faith. Love is not about proof, like faith, it is more about belief and an understanding and trust in something that is most definitely outside of our control. I would not give up religion or love, I find that faith in both make my world worth living in. It is a response to reading the article, but not a direct comment to the points made, so I’m making it here instead of there.

I’m not quite in the mood at moment to jump into that tangle of people and thought – but I very much like to watch the chaos unfolding. Chaos also makes my world worth living in. And hell. Chaos is like that.

I think I’ll make coffee.

Edit: I will add to the chaos this lovely post. I very much agree with this on a far more emotional level. It makes logical sense, but the questions very much resonate. I have not had a chance to explore the rest of the blog, but I greatly look forward to it.

If you drop by, enjoy the show. 😉



roopster says:

It is hard to comment when there’s so many comments 🙂

fox says:

Hard to comment, no. *L* Hard to be heard, perhaps more true.

[…] In response to the many comments on the blog, Simen posted a FVC (Frequently Voiced Criticisms) which in it’s own right added another 50+ comments to the discussion. This new blog entry was an attempt to respond in an orderly manner to the many questions from the original blog entry which was, according to fox on the blog “chasing shadows again,” like “chaos unfolding.” […]

B says:

Loving the Fox. I def. commented on the site, more on a whim. Kinda was a tangent, but whatev. Still related. I refuse to obey the convention of transition sentences between topics. Keep up with me, I say. 🙂

fox says:

The pretty girls are never easy! *L* Glad to see you still look at WordPress!

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