chasing shadows again

{June 26, 2007}   good morning cosmos – you have as long to catch up to my life as it will take me to leave to go shopping!

Shopping! I have been in my house long enough that the chance to go to Borders is like…newsworthy. Though, I have had other chances to run into Hilo, I’ve just been lame. ‘No, world,’ I have said, ‘I have no friends here, I am terrified at the thought of rejection, and I need to lose 20 pounds before I can wear the kind of slutty clothes that cause people to speak to me – I will remain on the Internets where the people, they are good to me.’

This morning though, I woke up un-lazified and got dressed, put on sunblock, and prepared to garden before drinking my coffee. Or looking outside to see it was going to rain. Interestingly, I did my hair before changing out of my pajamas (hey – I have hot pajamas!) and was all like, okay, acceptable. But I did once go out in heeled boots, a trenchcoat, and (you guessed it) my pajamas for a date!

I have been reading Molly’s blog, These Little Moments, which never ceases to amuse me. (My other Molli, with an i, is sadly quiet of late.) If you want to see why I can’t get enough of this blog, check out this post, in which she shows us just how crazy shoes can be. I read lots of blogs I don’t go off about or comment on enough. Part of that lately is that I have nothing to say.

On that topic, I must thank Ashish for not only causing me to smile, but also for putting up with my chatter in his comments (often written at three am), AND for commenting here, even when I’ve posted nothing but babble. The worst thing I can say about his blog is that it not showing up in my Blog Surfer means I have to remember to look (hence that late birthday wishes, apologies again). I always like blogs where the chatter is interactive-like, because I’m all obnoxious like that, I want people to talk back to me. Yes people, Fox=unrepentant attention whore. Just in case you had not known that.

Today, I think, will be a good day. Things are clearing for starting a business and for a slight family crisis, and my hair though no longer spiky is just long enough to be rascally. I will let it be rascally a little, and then make is short again. Having a blowdryer and straightening mousse is delicious. Speaking of delicious, I much get chocolate shampoo and conditioner!

And, now called for trips. Cue end of babble. You peoples take care.



Molly says:

I’m so glad you like my blog! Those shoes are crazy, aren’t they? Sometimes I just can’t figure out what designers are thinking. Insane!

fox says:

Yes! They are crazy. All manners of the crazy! 🙂

I have the same manner of conversations about lingerie. Your outrageous shoe posts tempt me to make outrageous lingerie posts. But I’m not sure that’d stay PG-13. But then, this is why we have an adult blog too. Just unchristened as of yet.

Thanks for dropping by.


Molli says:

* Molli claps her hands in glee *

I was just having a whine on the message board about the lack of morning chatter, and here you are with a fix for me! Wonderful! 🙂

I will try to be all noisey and attention-whoring myself as soon as possible, also. ‘twould only be fair!

I think you should definitely christen that adult blog… with a link to it here somewhere very prominent!

While I love p-13 gardens to wander in, something a little dark and sleazy never goes amiss in my world!

Hope all is well there,
love from the Molli who changed from a ‘y’ to an ‘i’ because of a cat 😦

fox says:


I set up the blog like a month ago. I will get links for you as soon as I put posts in it. I just haven’t gotten to writing about all that jazz yet.

Because of a cat? I so need to hear about that….

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