chasing shadows again

{June 9, 2007}   Ice Spiders, wishes for sweet dreams, a picture, and my shampoo – you might hope I was kidding….

When I am sleepy and disjointed, I write poems based on the strangest images. This time a show about two dead people on separate cruise ships leads to the image of the two ghosts dancing together on a cruise ship on the river Styx. With candy images. Naturally.  (If it seems like it might make sense when I look at it with my star-shaped rose-tinted sanity sunglasses on, I will post it.  Or…were those the insanity sunglasses?  Oh god….)

I will try not to write a poem about Ice Spiders, in which according to my tv:

“Giant mutated spiders terrorize members of an Olympic ski team after the monsters escape from a government lab.”

This is not a movie for now but next I get out to you, love, we are totally watching this with some rum. TOTALLY. How can any movie involving ex-Marines, genetic engineering, and a giant spider terrorizing a school bus, and the phrase “giant spiders with ‘roid rage” possibly be wrong? Okay-okay-okay…how could it possibly be right?

These Orchids have Fallen in Love with Pele

Also, my new shampoo is called Dangerously Straight. This amuses me. I think I will let my hair grow a little. I need a hair dryer. But then I can have tiny sparkly dragonfly hair clips.

No. I’m not really conscious at moment. This happens.

Goodnight. Sweet dreams. See you in the morning.



I don’t know which is funnier…the idea of the US Olympic ski team vesus giant mutated roid rage spiders, or the thought I had at the other part, that of homophobic hair care products.


Love you!


fox says:

They do these studies on twins, where they study to find out just if and why they really read each other’s thoughts. I think we should take that test. You think we score higher or lower on the creepifying scale than twins separated at birth?

Love you too! *nuzzles*

Much, MUCH higher. We are clones, after all.


Molli says:

My mind is officially (and happily) ‘bent’ by this post. I have NO idea what you’re talking about, but I love it anyway! 🙂

fox says:

*L* It’s okay. I had no idea what I was talking about. Ravyn only understands because we are telepathically linked and 73% Aquarius.

Morning, Molli. 🙂

Molli says:

A belated good morning to you also, Fox 🙂 (I really need to learn to keep checking that comments section for updates, don’t I? The few times we’ve had a running conversation – or a close approximation of one – have been when I’ve remembered that I can easily check for these things!) o

fox says:

Yeah. I love that feature. *L* It’s all good though, I am notoriously awful at continuing to check anything.

Molli says:

Yes, well, three hours and many tangents later, I gave myself a little kick in the head and here I am again. I think I’ll just set an egg timer in future – it might inspire a little consistency in my attentions! Mind you, I’ll probably forget why the silly thing is nagging me, so perhaps not!

Anyway, it’s 10am here and, just to thoroughly confuse you, I’m off to bed. Don’t take it amiss, I’m merely wired all wrong! 🙂

fox says:

Night-night. 🙂 See you tomorrow. Or…for you at least, later today.

Ashish says:

Um.. ah… hmmm… I’m out of my wits to comment… 😦

fox says:

It’s all good, Ashish. 🙂 Glad to see you!

Ashish C. says:


Glad to see you!
Ah well, I have to go out once in a while to show folks that I still live! I’ve been taking quite a break from blogsurfing these few days. 😉

fox says:

*L* I know the feeling.

Once, when I was around near constantly, I left without telling anyone I only knew via the internet I was going for a two day camping trip. Two days not connected to the internet was pretty awesome (even if I never did summon up the courage to swim with sharks). Much to my surprise, I came home to about twenty e-mails asking if I was okay. I was both like…’glad you missed me’ and ‘guys, I was gone for 48 hours.’ Apparently that’s long enough to file a missing persons report (which thankfully they did not attempt) and therefore longer than I should ever not be available for contact.

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