chasing shadows again

{June 8, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

I begin this entry at 11:41am.  Likely it will post after morning is over, but I maintain this still qualifies a morning entry.

This morning, I am in a good mood.  This is probably because I got to talk to three of my favorite people while waking up this morning (two of which are Molli and my Byrdy, links provided just in case on the five thousand other times you might have missed them!).  I have noticed that while Molli loves to read my morning entries, I love to read her comments in the morning.  Now and then we have little comment flurries where for like…half an hour we lace comments through several posts.

Yesterday I went to see our building and I like it.  It is long and very skinny, but has an ocean view.  We pulled up the carpet, which was adventures!  (I was in business casual with low-platform strappy sandals.)  When I have pictures, I will put them up!

I am looking for places that are currently accepting poems for publication.   So there may well be links to poetry related stuff coming up.

All of you have a wonderful day!



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