chasing shadows again

Shopping! I have been in my house long enough that the chance to go to Borders is like…newsworthy. Though, I have had other chances to run into Hilo, I’ve just been lame. ‘No, world,’ I have said, ‘I have no friends here, I am terrified at the thought of rejection, and I need to lose 20 pounds before I can wear the kind of slutty clothes that cause people to speak to me – I will remain on the Internets where the people, they are good to me.’

This morning though, I woke up un-lazified and got dressed, put on sunblock, and prepared to garden before drinking my coffee. Or looking outside to see it was going to rain. Interestingly, I did my hair before changing out of my pajamas (hey – I have hot pajamas!) and was all like, okay, acceptable. But I did once go out in heeled boots, a trenchcoat, and (you guessed it) my pajamas for a date!

I have been reading Molly’s blog, These Little Moments, which never ceases to amuse me. (My other Molli, with an i, is sadly quiet of late.) If you want to see why I can’t get enough of this blog, check out this post, in which she shows us just how crazy shoes can be. I read lots of blogs I don’t go off about or comment on enough. Part of that lately is that I have nothing to say.

On that topic, I must thank Ashish for not only causing me to smile, but also for putting up with my chatter in his comments (often written at three am), AND for commenting here, even when I’ve posted nothing but babble. The worst thing I can say about his blog is that it not showing up in my Blog Surfer means I have to remember to look (hence that late birthday wishes, apologies again). I always like blogs where the chatter is interactive-like, because I’m all obnoxious like that, I want people to talk back to me. Yes people, Fox=unrepentant attention whore. Just in case you had not known that.

Today, I think, will be a good day. Things are clearing for starting a business and for a slight family crisis, and my hair though no longer spiky is just long enough to be rascally. I will let it be rascally a little, and then make is short again. Having a blowdryer and straightening mousse is delicious. Speaking of delicious, I much get chocolate shampoo and conditioner!

And, now called for trips. Cue end of babble. You peoples take care.


I have been quiet lately.  Life has been insane.  One way or another, it will work itself out.

It is 8:10am here, and I have already gotten my coffee and gone for a walk in the early morning rain.  I actually arrived back in my house from my walk to find my alarm had started going off in my absence.   (An alarm set for five of seven, for those who are curious.)

Lucien has been growing like crazy, all green leaves and fluff.  The plantlings that survived the drought are all green and trying to grow as fast as they can to reach the sky.  They are very excited to be alive.  And very cute.

Also very cute is emo-puppy!

This is emo-puppy himself!

Our darling mutt dog Patch managed to out-queen himself!  Patch, who tends to lie with his front paws daintily crossed and likes nothing better than to groom the other dogs, is always a little adventure.  I came out a few days ago to see Patch lying on the porch, being even more emo than usual, watching my every move with his eyes but too oppressed by angst to lift his head off the porch.  I asked my mother if he’d been fed, and she said he head been too good for his food, and so our other dog had eaten it.  I got him food, which he stuck his face in, jerked it out, and then look up at me with the best look of absolute betrayal ever.  Then, eventually, he picks up one piece of food in his mouth, rolls his eyes to look up at me, and then spits the food back out into his dish!  This (from the dog who eats almost everything!) is extra-special drama.

And, another picture of emo-puppy, for your amusement!

Who would give this dog to the pound?

—please stop by and answer this question from Tanae, concerning sexuality and religion, and a gray area where they intersect. Question (snipped) is below:

But there’s one problem… He’s gay.

Does his sexual preference automatically erase everything that I have said about him?? Is he going to hell because of who he has fallen in love with?? Is it okay for him to be in an open relationship with his dude and not be ashamed even in the church?? I want to know what everyone thinks about this… so comment.

I very much admire her for having the courage to open that question in so personal a way. If I can come up with a response that seems appropriate (I may have walked away from the Christian church with a bit of venom, and my initial few aborted responses have sounded slightly accusatory toward Christianity in general) I will respond.  Until I can manage a more delicately phrased reply, the extent of my help will be to put her qusetion here and hope that that will help her get a few more responses.

Thank you to all of you who go there and reply.

Secrets, secrets, secrets….

People seem to me as defined by the things they don’t speak as by the things that they do.

This week I am especially touched by this card, because it very much echoes one of the main reasons that I fell so deeply and so quickly enchanted by Postsecret.

When I am sleepy and disjointed, I write poems based on the strangest images. This time a show about two dead people on separate cruise ships leads to the image of the two ghosts dancing together on a cruise ship on the river Styx. With candy images. Naturally.  (If it seems like it might make sense when I look at it with my star-shaped rose-tinted sanity sunglasses on, I will post it.  Or…were those the insanity sunglasses?  Oh god….)

I will try not to write a poem about Ice Spiders, in which according to my tv:

“Giant mutated spiders terrorize members of an Olympic ski team after the monsters escape from a government lab.”

This is not a movie for now but next I get out to you, love, we are totally watching this with some rum. TOTALLY. How can any movie involving ex-Marines, genetic engineering, and a giant spider terrorizing a school bus, and the phrase “giant spiders with ‘roid rage” possibly be wrong? Okay-okay-okay…how could it possibly be right?

These Orchids have Fallen in Love with Pele

Also, my new shampoo is called Dangerously Straight. This amuses me. I think I will let my hair grow a little. I need a hair dryer. But then I can have tiny sparkly dragonfly hair clips.

No. I’m not really conscious at moment. This happens.

Goodnight. Sweet dreams. See you in the morning.


{June 9, 2007}   Ringing of the Bards!!!

So, I finally got to finding the website for the weekly poetry carnival, which is deliciously easy to navigate and has many, many links in all kinds of candied flower petal shades. Sprinkle liberally over chocolate cake and enjoy with coffee….

The Ringing of the Bards

{June 8, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

I begin this entry at 11:41am.  Likely it will post after morning is over, but I maintain this still qualifies a morning entry.

This morning, I am in a good mood.  This is probably because I got to talk to three of my favorite people while waking up this morning (two of which are Molli and my Byrdy, links provided just in case on the five thousand other times you might have missed them!).  I have noticed that while Molli loves to read my morning entries, I love to read her comments in the morning.  Now and then we have little comment flurries where for like…half an hour we lace comments through several posts.

Yesterday I went to see our building and I like it.  It is long and very skinny, but has an ocean view.  We pulled up the carpet, which was adventures!  (I was in business casual with low-platform strappy sandals.)  When I have pictures, I will put them up!

I am looking for places that are currently accepting poems for publication.   So there may well be links to poetry related stuff coming up.

All of you have a wonderful day!


{June 7, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

Good morning!

I am conscious and not dying this morning, so you get a morning post! Updates are everywhere this morning!

Garden: It has been very dry here lately and most of the cuttings and half the lilikoi sunbaked (even with regular watering). Lucien has lost his big leaves, but his branches have very healthy looking tiny leaves, which seems like it’s fine. (I’ll get a picture soon!) It (finally!) rained last night and the plants are looking a bit better for it. I’ll be happy when we grass again. (Currently the grass is all red-brown and seared to sharp crumbly pokies!) I will give better updates on the garden once it’s wet again and I can do something that’s not damage control.

Zombies, Ghosts, and Vampire Kitties! Oh, my!

{June 5, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

Thirteen Ghosts is on, which prompts me to do two things. The first is to wonder how anyone could move into a house that is ritual magic and not expect it to end badly. The second is to share this postcard from this Sunday’s Postsecret for all of you who get here searching for zombies. The movie being on does not prompt me to watch it (I save that for “special” occasions, special defined as the right crowd of people-though I could, I suppose, watch it again to devise a drinking game. Ohhhhhhhh…the horror of the Thirteen Ghosts drinking game. “Whenever there is questionable sounding magical theory, drink. When that woman says ‘black zodiac‘ as though she expects to be taken seriously, drink twice.” Challenging to create only because the obvious, “Drink every time someone does something incredibly stupid,” will cause people to die before the movie is halfway through.)

I am (as ever) working on like three projects. One of them is updating links on this site. (Which reminds me – Molli, you’re listed now under poetry because I linked you before we started chattering at each other, but if you want I’ll move you to people. You can pick if you’d rather be poems or a person.)

The other is doing some background research for stocking the fudge and gift shop my mother and I are opening. More on this project will come later (possibly on its own page, we shall see!) but for now know that papers for a lease are being signed, and the joys of seeing to plumbing, painting, and deciding what to stock will be my joy to help with for the next few months, and after that, staffing the place will be. Please don’t misinterpret that joy as sarcasm, I am actually very glad this is coming together. I’m even looking forward to the painting. I kinda enjoy it (I did it once before for Habitat for Humanity).

Anyway, enough rambling (as I’ve rambled clear into the afternoon). You people have a wonderful day! I’m going to update the other website a bit, and perhaps wander back to ramble some more.


{June 4, 2007}   mew

I know I’ve been away. I have so many, many things to type.

I have been sleeping. Sometimes I do that.

I am making coffee now and will settle out on the couch with the laptop and the television and attempt to make contact with the universe. Well…with the universe as contacts me here. There have been other contacts with the universe I shall write about.

For now…Lucien Pictures! He’s growing new branches! (He has his own tag now, Molli!)



Close-up on baby branches:

Lucien Close-Up

et cetera