chasing shadows again

{May 23, 2007}   good morning cosmos!!! ~playful pirate madness~

Good morning! I am already mid-projects and just doing a quick update. There is much-much-much I want to do and too little time. But…just to teach people tempting me is bad, here is some more playful pirate madness!

Also considering the number of people who get here by searching for all manner of zombies (including cute zombies! I know I’m looking for a precious, rotting, reanimated corpse that feasts on human flesh, myself….) we are overdue some zombie madness too. Lots of things should be done! But for now we cue the playful pirate madness~~~>

Pirate underwear? I went on a quick internet romp to check for some options.
These red and white feminine spin off boy briefs are pretty cute. The black and white from the same site offer the same style with a few more image options.
Loot! These totally make me giggle. Totally, totally make me giggle.

This may be blamed on the very same drugs that inspired the cute zombie thoughts…?

Mmmmmmm…playful, delightful, well worth some poking through.
Coincidentally, my mother and I watched the relevant episode of Wifeswap (the only one I’ve ever seen, I promise) and wow. Just…wow. But ‘piratitude’ is actually used in our family vocabulary. For example last night, just before my mother and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean (CotBP/the first one) she called up the stairs, “yeah, I’m ready. What about you?”-slight pause-“Got your piratitude?” To which I replied that I could change my underwear, but wasn’t feeling the need. Sometimes, my house is entertainment. Generally of the Springer variety.

And, 12:00noon is in six minutes, so to make the deadline of morning…for the moment at least…ciao.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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