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{May 18, 2007}   Make a Wish ~ Experimental Playing ~ Mermaid Jeans

Yes, really! My ultra comfy jeans now have a mermaid on them! Check it out!

Mermaid Jeans

This (rather well endowed) mermaid is made of mostly glass beads, notable exceptions include the coppery tips of her tail (copper/brass bells), a strand of hair that is made up entirely of carnelian, and her head (wooden bead). The star she’s leaping to catch is made of turquoise.  I’ll try to get a shot of her on me (the pattern looks a bit more normal that way).

More of these may be in the making (to be sold, no less!) because they are playful, fun, and unique. The jewelry thing hasn’t taken off (to be fair, I barely promote it and need to get my lazy self out to make money) and with so much other jewelry at the markets, I’m looking for a unique thing to do. Gonna see how people respond to the mermaid, and maybe put up some of these guys on the site/on Ebay and see what happens. But first, more jeans (or patches) to sew on are required.

Still, I am excited because this is fun! I like fun!


SQUEEE! So cute! Love it!


fox says:

Many thank yous to my Byrdy! *giggles* Also…you are so cute when you make that noise. You are the only boy I know who squees. *adds this to the listing of things that make Ravyn exactly like a girl, except still somehow, totally not like a girl at all*

Molli says:

I’m not sure which is cuter, your mermaid, Jeremy’s *squee* or your happiness with Jeremy’s *squee*? 🙂

fox says:

As I go through these old posts and decide I must reply to this-Jeremy’s squees are cute, however he also giggles. It is so adorable that after you hear it, he will own your soul. I reserve stories I know will make him giggle for the phone often, because I loves to him do that.

And this reminds me I should take a picture of the koi pants!

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