chasing shadows again

{May 17, 2007}   good morning cosmos ~ it’s raining, which means I could fall in love twice today!

It is raining here in the land of loud birds, so there is no gardening until it clears up a little. As I have extra time and it’s cool enough I want to stay cuddled under blankets awhile, I have romped through the Internet in search of things.

The first thing I will present to you is a glorious poem by Tae plain is ugly. The sky is gray here, and in a room decorated in white and soft blue, the oranges and the brilliance of her butterflies sound all the more exquisite.

For anyone interested in finding more poems or having more of their poems found, check out Poets Who Blog – not only do they offer to link back to you, there are numerous suggestions for other places to promote your work, amidst quite a few recommendations. I’m still checking this place out, but I love all I’ve seen so far.

Also check out The Shores of my Dreams for poetry and fun things like poetry carnivals. Though I don’t see one running currently, it sounds like fun.

Poets Against War “continues the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression.” Read an article about how Poets Against War formed here.

And, thanks to my delightful inability to stay still, I have already had coffee (with hot chocolate mix with mini-marshmallows!), walked out to check on my baby bell peppers (13 seedlings out – five snails removed from the orchid house) and the vanilla vine (not doing great, but mom told me how we might be able to help it root). Sadly it seems the gardenias are not taking, so I’m going to restart some smaller ones later today, and possibly a few more hibiscus. The night blooming jasmine seedlings are doing great, so I’m not doing those right now. Orchids are still blooming (I have pictures I should post of orchids) and the first few inches of my cuffs are still wet from walking over the wet ground.

Today is amazing already, and we haven’t even hit 10am.

Hope your day is as blessed as this morning has already been for me. 🙂 Ciao.


jaynaspace says:

Orchids are my favorite flowers. Especially (Big surprise coming…) pink ones.

fox says:

The closest I have blooming right now is purple. 🙂 But I do have them in picture form already. If you come out here to live, I promise you pink orchids wherever we end up. And orchids that smell like chocolate when they bloom. Which are kinda pink-purple-dark magenta-odd colored. Indescribable. They are the color which is indescribable.

*L* I suppose I can edit the purple orchid picture to pink for you. Perhaps I will try that. We shall see. I’m alternating between lots of projects today.


jaynaspace says:

Also, white ones.

Manymeez says:

sounds like a beautiful day, that I will dream of having sometime soon! Thanks for painting a perfect mental picture I can carry with me until my beautiful day comes. You are a wonderful, descriptive writer!

Sara says:


Thanks for mentioning my sites. I just started a carnival today. Join in if you want. And let me know if you want to link to us and we will link to you. Leave a message at Poets Who Blog, if you decide to join us.

Have a great day.

Molli says:

Can I also thank you for mentioning Sara’s site? 🙂

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