chasing shadows again

{May 15, 2007}   Who didn’t see it coming to this? (This being where I have to post pictures of my underwear)

I went shopping today! Several cute things were brought home, including jeans (I so needed pants) and a semi-formal shirt (I so need to apply for a job) but also in the more exciting two things feature pirates!

One is this shirt!

Pirate Shirt

The other is (as one must have guessed) underwear – specifically pink stripy underwear with a shiny pirate who has a rose on it!

Pirate Underwear

Yes – you needed to know that under the yummy jeans, my underwear will match the pirate theme. Perhaps I should get a pirate patch for the jeans. We shall see.

In slightly related news, I saw an show on treasure hunting. So…likely a pirates and treasure themed romp is upcoming.


Molli says:

A photo of a g-string and talk of treasure hunting? You really do leave yourself wide open to innuendo, don’t you? πŸ™‚

They’re very cute, by the way!

On a less fun note, what sort of jobs interest you? I ask for a couple of reasons. One, well, I’d like to know what sort of jobs interest you πŸ˜› and, two, I’ve been searching in vain for some time now and NOTHING elicits even the slightest spark of enthusiasm in me. I’m sure there’s something incredibly obvious that I could turn my hand to, but damned if it’s occurred to me yet 😦

fox says:

The fact that you’re the first person to go there almost disappoints me. *L* I mean…it’s been out there for so long. I know I need to lose like 20 pounds, but really…. *sniffles*

Work is…actually part of the chattery post I plan to write. So that you might see before next month. πŸ™‚

Molli says:

If it’s any consolation, I read this immediately upon its posting and have been holding myself in check for the past six days! Finally, restraint was beyond me (and I’ve bitten my tongue clean through) and I just HAD to say something.

Believe me, my mind took an immediate plunge (or should that be plundered?) between the sheets (or into the treasure trove, as it were) but I cleaned the thought up before putting it on display where your mother might read it! I’m playing nice for the kiddies at home πŸ˜›

fox says:


Thank you!

As a general note, I actually almost stamped this blog as mature on creation, so I’m not worried about it’s content so much that way. If it ever gets decidedly wicked, I’ll flag it mature and continue on how it goes. I try to keep it generally away from the areas of my life that are often inclined to earn it a warning label, because I started it for poems and chatter.

I like that I have a place to chatter about stuff that isn’t always about drinking and sex and mayhem – because I’m partly in Hawai’i to get away from mayhem. I miss it terribly (oh, I so do) but I want to have a much better sense of what my rules are before I go back to it. I have a history of terribly unhealthy relationships and perceptions, and while I might do a new blog to talk about all of that, this one, I don’t want to go there.

At least not yet. πŸ™‚

Molli says:

I can understand the missing of mayhem – and also the impulse to break away from it and set something a little more structured in place. There’s a part of me which craves “normalcy” with regard to relationships since I’ve barely ever even brushed against such a thing. Mostly, I want to know if ‘normal’ is something I can do. Otherwise, having a love life reminiscent of a soap opera isn’t so bad – I’m the perfect punchline to all of my jokes. It gives me something to amuse strangers with πŸ˜›

Oh, and here’s another question form the naif here: How does one go about flagging content as mature? In doing so, does it apply to the entire blog or merely individual posts? I’ve noticed the “Report as Mature” up in the Blog Info section, but that has the ring of officialdom about it and I didn’t want to make use of it in case I was, effectively, begging to be deleted. I don’t think anything I’ve written, content-wise, would be considered explicitly sexual in nature, but some of my language leaves a little to be desired!

(Sorry to be treating you as my own personal geek-guru; but you did mention the warning flags first πŸ˜›

fox says:

“Blogs with legal adult content are not removed. They are flagged as β€œMature” so they become less visible across the domain by being excluded from Top Blogs, Recent Posts and Tags.” It offered me the option to have an adult blog when I created one, but I’m not sure how to do it without a prompt. I’ll poke about if I have time.

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