chasing shadows again

{May 14, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

If Sundays are for secrets, what should Mondays be for?  Recipes?  I dunno.

Soon…like as soon as I can figure out how to move, I will go back to my garden.  Unless I can figure out a muffin recipe first.  I want strawberry muffins, and I think we still have good strawberries.

Zen muffins would be good about now.

I know I cannot stay in the land of the loud birds, but where I will go, or when, I’ve no idea.  Being here effectively places much of my life on hold.  I love so many people I sometimes have no idea how I will make them all happy.  They say they will be happy if I am happy – all of them that I talked to about it, and that terrifies me.  As often as I am happy…at least it’s more now.

We do still have strawberries!  I will make Zen muffins!

That is enough randomness for this morning.  All of you have a wonderful day.  Ciao.


I give my full, unadulterated support for strawberry Zen muffins.


laura says:

berry cupcakes?
I could share a truly fabulous recipe with you…I’ll look it up tonight.

fox says:

Laura-Awesome! I look forward to berry recipes. 🙂

The ones I made turned out pretty well, but more thoughts are always good. 🙂

Molli says:

At some stage, when it won’t be construed as intrusive and prying, I’d really like to hear the story behind your move to Hawaii and why it is you’ve said in this post that you don’t think you can stay there.

Just a “when you’re in the mood” question for you. 🙂

fox says:

I construe very few things as intrusive and prying. *L* I will add that letter to the list of things I should do today (which means by some time next month, you should get it).

I am apparently QUITE laid back about things that most people go nuts on. Two months ago, someone came up and asked if they could touch my hair (it was spiky and quite purple at the time) and I was like, ‘oh, sure.’ I mean, he asked politely enough to touch my hair – not my breasts. I then walked away (after we had a 15 second conversation about what I used to make my hair spiky) and introduced myself a few minutes later when I saw him again, apologising for being antisocial. He was shocked by that, because apparently letting strangers touch your hair is a social behavior. Us and monkeys. Ah well….

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