chasing shadows again

{May 10, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

I am already returned from the garden. (I need a twelve step program for people who can’t help but revel in the scent of the earth.) Soon, I leave to go shopping for books. Mostly just saying hello, because that is what mornings are for.

If you need some more to read this morning….

read Be not Defeated by the Rain by Kenji Myazawa. I encountered this lovely poem on Slices of Life a kaleidoscope of poetry, pictures, musings, and rambles I am already falling in love with. I’ll end with the description of the blog actually posted there: This is a blog about magic, beauty and poetry. Actually, it’s just a blog about life. Not just any old life, but a life worth living, a life less ordinary. This blog is a reminder, for myself and for the others. Come one and all, make yourselves at home.

Molli still continues to amaze me with her poetry. Bedtime Stories is at once a poem that echoes with something primal and alive, a statement on society and the darker side of human interaction and perception, and yet another reason I am keeping my fingers crossed she picks up writing again. (Quick – peer pressure! *L* If everyone tells her how fabulous she is we can make her jump off a bridge write us more poems.)

new owners a poem by john at Freedom Melodies is a poem about the Muse that makes me want to write a poem about the Muse too, just from an opposite angle! I should change the name of this site to Reactionary Poetry: Because Kitsunes Can’t Help but be Mischievous and Get Into Everything! and call it a day. At…9:15am. Looking for chatter and not poetry from john…click here to view his other blog.

On a totally playful note (every morning should have one) who remembers watching Gummy Bears? And why didn’t anyone tell me seasons 1-3 are on DVD?

That’s all for this morning. Have a lovely day.


dregina says:

Gummi Bears
Bouncing Here and There and Everything
Something Something Beyond Compare
They are the Gummi BEARS!

Also, The Muppet Show season 2 is coming out on DVD shortly. So exciting!

john says:

From which angle would you write it ? Besides, thanks for the link… 🙂

Can’t wait to check these out! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

fox says:

dregina-I think that “Something Something Beyond Compare” line is something like “Something Adventures Beyond Compare.” *L* I think. Anyone able to clarify that line?

john-from the angle that a muse should have a bit more experience. 🙂 I meant to have that ready and posted by now, but as I’m late – I figured I’d set the note up here. *crosses fingers* Hopefully it’ll be ready soon.

titus2woman-glad someone other than me is checking these things out!

Thank all three of you for dropping by to read.

Molli says:

With regard to your (almost subliminal) suggestion to urge me into a swan dive off a bridge, alas, there are none to be found around here! Failing that, I might just have to hire you as my publicist! (Then I just need to produce a product to publicise!)

Thank you for your kindness once again – it is not merely appreciated… it is cherished!

fox says:

I am hoping you will find, as I am beginning to, that picking up writing again is not as frightening/difficult/impossible as it sounds. For the first time in…two or three years I’m considering trying to put together enough poems to publish a book of them. 🙂 Not sure how long that idea will last, but I think it would be…kinda fun.

Odds I accomplish it, slim. Odds trying gets me to do at least one cool thing, much higher.

Molli says:

I have complete faith that you will accomplish whatever your set your heart and mind to doing. I also know that, if you were to publish a book of your poems, I would buy it.

Actually, I’d be happy to own a book of your blog posts. While I’m happy to live in a world where I can simply switch on a computer, dial a telephone number and have access to the thoughts of millions of people…. I love, love, love books! Anything I truly love, I want it in hard copy! There is much to be said for a thing one can hold in one’s hands. So much of my existence is of an ephemeral nature; I love things that have a physical weight, texture, scent, taste to them…. not just wisps floating about in my mind. (I don’t believe half the stuff I carry around in my head!)

fox says:

Well, if a publisher ever calls asking to publish my blog, now I know to blame it on you. *L* Some people publish their journals and letters. I suppose it’s similar. Perhaps after the poem book is published and I am loved the world over, you can have your wish granted. 🙂 I would certainly not obeject. My brain has already supplied the format it would like. Already. Because it does that.

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