chasing shadows again

{May 5, 2007}   ….

touch me ~ Reach a poem by rax

taste me ~ Thai Silk

hear me ~ anyone familiar with New York? skywindows is asking for help to plan a trip with her 10-year-old daughter who is recovering from cancer, she needs recommendations on child-friendly New York things!

see me ~ gorgeous artwork from Dosia McKay

know me ~ The Kitchen is Crying a book of poems by the delightful Burnie Washington – echoing with strength, faith, honesty, and love. I have been blessed enough to have heard this amazing woman read, and while this book may not be the recommendation people would expect from me I have never failed to be touched, humbled, and awed by Burnie’s faith, grace, and honesty. And, on top of all that – this book is illustrated in rich, tantalizing color.

help me ~ visit and help some people or ask for help

remember me ~ faded a poem by nomadicjoh

love me ~ Dhaka by degrees combines poetry with history with personal experience to…I have no idea…to be awesome? I am at a loss for describing why it’s beautiful, I simply know that it is.

save me ~ light a virtual candle for someone who needs a prayer

rax says:

thanks for the comments and post 🙂 I also like your recommends.

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