chasing shadows again

{May 4, 2007}   Because you asked….

Orchid House

This is where the magic happens! The tall plant to the left in front of the orchid house with the reddish leaves is a ti plant. On that side of the orchid house you can see the raised shelf for little plantlings. On the right side, all those kinda spiky leaves that line that side (not the ones in front, but down the right wall) are aloe plants. The wood that supports it is half rotten and the door flexes in slightly unhealthy ways – but I love it anyway!


Night-Blooming Jasmine Cuttings - Lavender Seed

These plantlings get their start in the penthouse! I will expect some spoiled little little plants. The cuttings (the green things) are night-blooming jasmine and the pots that look empty contain lavender seeds. Penthouse lavender!


Pepper Planting Zone

These little guys (so far unsprouted – but I promise there are bell pepper seeds in there!) are exiled to the basement. They may be less spoiled, but slightly jealous. We shall see.


These guys (and cuttings of gardenia and hibiscus) are mostly what I did today. There was the pruning of one ti plant, which involved a hatchet! For anyone who does not know, physical labor and I are not friends. Swinging a hatchet around and moving big branches is like serious work for me. Yes, I am aware I’m tiny, fragile, and spoiled.


More garden pictures are coming! I have them ready, but only so many are going up per post or they will be monolithic posts.


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