chasing shadows again

{April 30, 2007}   good morning cosmos!

I am alive again!  Which is fun.  🙂

No long entry today – I’m off to make breakfast and coffee and do some yard stuffs in preparation for orchids and hibiscus.  I want fruit too – fruit I can walk out into the rain damp grass and taste live off the tree for breakfast.  However, for now, less delicious morning walk and more playing in the dirt.

Of course, the dirt smells alive too, and that is awesome.  Me and the dirt are alive together, and soon it will cradle the plants that give me breakfast.  Life is good.

Everyone have a good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever/whenever you read this!  Ciao!


Gabriel says:

Well I enjoy reading your posts.

Molli says:

The thought of digging around in the dirt, coaxing new life into it… yes, that’s a lovely awakening to the day. Getting ridiculously dirty and messy (however you got that way)let’s you know you’re alive and still having fun!

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