chasing shadows again

{April 27, 2007}   good morning cosmos! (not dead at all!)

What horrors lurk in the tropical night? ~cue eerie horror music-camera should pan slowly over an overgrown and slightly sagging orchid house~ Aside from the vampires mosquitoes, grasses and ferns loom menacingly over the soil in the orchid house! Snails creep slowly up on innocent seedlings! Or they did. I have weeded out the whole floor this morning, in preparation to plant some orchids. The orchid show should be coming soon, and we’ll have a whole little house full of orchids.

Not sure what other errands are for today, I know there’s laundry and I should update the website that will (in theory) make me money – but between that I will continue to work on a couple of posts and a few poems I’ve been toying with, and you should have more things to read soon! Likely five at once again, because I’m just in and out like that on anything creative or full of words.

Have a lovely day, people!


Molli says:

Good morning! You have me firmly convinced…. I infinitely prefer to wake to your mornings 🙂

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