chasing shadows again

{April 23, 2007}   good morning cosmos! (no…can’t be bothered with a new title)

I am awake unbearably early this morning. The birds are softer, my younger brother’s alarm clock is going off in the room next door, and if I poke my head up a little I can see the end of the sunrise painting the sky gold. As more birds wake up, the world grows louder, though the alarm at least is turned off.

I have very little to say pre-caffeine. Organic gummy bears, anyone?

I will be posting themed links today! The one I’ve been toying with awhile (chocolate) is almost done. If you have a topic for a random jaunt through the internet, let me know. If it’s interesting enough I’m willing to enter it in Google and click around a little, I’ll do so and toss up something here.


Molli says:

I thought I’d reply to this mostly for the coincidence in timing. As I read it, it’s almost half past six in the morning here for me also… but a day later. And it’s not unbearably early, it’s unbearably late! I really should get to bed but now you’ve got me drooling for chocolate coated strawberries! What’s a girl to do?

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