chasing shadows again

{April 23, 2007}   excitement, connection, carousels

Of all the remarkable things to happen, Inphinity chose the same postcard to share as her favorite from Postsecret. I’ve always gone there to reconnect to humanity – even on the days I was panicked about my hair, or my weight, or was convinced no one could ever love me again, I could read through secrets from strangers, I could laugh or cry or scream and know that at least one other person felt what I did. This week, I know there are three of us – if for only this one thing, for this one moment. And we are not alone.

I’m out searching for blogs to read, so I’ve read only a few of her posts so far, but I much enjoy them. There is something mysterious and whimsical about her, and I greatly look forward to reading more. Also…she has excellent taste. 🙂


inphinity says:

*grins* Mysterious and whimsical…too much!

I do have great taste though. I have to agree with you there. *smirk*

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