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{April 23, 2007}   chocolate! {because I love you – but I’m not opening Gchat this morning – you’re stuck with YIM}

This post is for my Ravyn (who has put up with many links to various *ahem* indecent chocolates and has been promised, or perhaps threatened, with the delivery of them to his door by mail). But other people as well may enjoy this little trek through the Internet in search of chocolate things from the tantalising to the absolutely tasteless, with frequent side trips (sometimes to skateboards!).

I’ll begin with Nirvana Chocolates – where you can fill a custom box of chocolates (16 or 32 pieces) with your selections, or choose one of the ready made packages. Check their Zen Collection for their candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate – which strikes me as the perfect gift for someone, I’m just not sure who. I have yet to order from here – but I certainly plan to.

For something a touch closer to my definition of bliss Shari’s Berries ships chocolate covered strawberries (which I am very much in love with). Most fascinating to me are the Old World Map Treasure Chest and their Tuxedo Berries. Looking for sweet but sugarfree? – they even have sugarfree chocolate dipped strawberries. Look around for all kinds of gift possibilities – coffee, fuzzies, silver…this site offers a pretty good range of stuff to chose from if for some reason the chocolate covered strawberries are not enough.

Chocolate tours? You’re not dreaming! Try tours in Belgium, London, New York, Chicago, Boston. For a listing of other tours visit cocoajava’s tours and destinations list. Chocolate tours seem far more common than I ever imagined (as I didn’t realise they existed!).

Chocolate Skateboardsno chocolate, but skateboards! (What? Were you not aware that I had the attention span of a fruit-fly? I couldn’t help it!)

Specializing in chocolate mice and penguins! I don’t think I need say more. Visit Burdick Chocolate to see these adorable creations! They sell many other chocolate things, including chocolate dipped fruit, but the mice and penguins are a must see.

Send Virtual Chocolate! (WARNING: Some may view this as teasing!) In addition to sending virtual chocolate you can see chocolate quotes, a chocolate poem, links to real chocolate, books on chocolate, and chocolate computer wallpaper. Fun to poke around.

Educational chocolate? The Field Museum in Chicago has put together a chocolate exhibition. It’s wandering about the country, teaching everyone about chocolate! Check when it (hopefully) comes to a city near you! I’m tempted on the 2009 Seattle one. But then I’m always looking for excuses to visit anywhere.

Want to see the reason I’m wondering if one really can cover zucchini with chocolate if it’s cooked with sweet spices? Check out Chocolate & Zucchini for recipes. This one for Gelée de Chocolat, Ananas et Violette (which was placed conveniently on their main page but may become displaced with time) is begging me to try it.

More Chocolate Lover’s Links @ The Merry Chocoholic

Wonka Chocolate Factory!  Possibly-probably fun.  Except I must flee in terror as oomp-loompas could come for me here at any moment now, if they realise a way in is also a way out!


Ravyn says:


Morning chocolate. Just one of a million and twelve reasons why I love my Fox so much.

Thank you love. *Nuzzles* That’s awesome.


Molli says:

Now this is a list of links created with love! As much as your choice of tours to take us all on, I love how much work went into creating this list. It’s amazing!

For chocolate covered strawberries, I really do recommend making one’s own. That way, you can double – or even triple – dip them!
Oh dear, I’m salivating all over my poor keyboard.

This post makes me smile……. and hungry…. for all sorts of things!

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