chasing shadows again

{April 22, 2007}   this morning the coffee comes from McDonalds!

…and is my second cup of coffee. It is still morning here, barely. I went into town with my brother to get my second breakfast (of which I’ve barely eaten any) and coffee. So the coffee is tolerable, but not my happy French roast that I brew with cinnamon and nutmeg. However, the company was good, and the chats about driving up to New York (I love my gray concrete city lit with lights and robed in graffiti and dreams, and I miss knowing she is only a four hour drive and numerous tolls booths away).

Postsecret is (as always) a very welcome reconnection to the world. (One of these days I’ll do more here!) Today this one touches me. The thought of that couple will remind me of all the pennies I’ve seen and left on the street – if I had picked them up for luck, would they still be together? I will never know, but from now on when I walk past a penny on the ground, it only be with whimsical curiosity (I wonder what the person who does pick it up will need the luck for, or what they’ll wish for tossing it into a fountain) but an act of love. Or at least something done for the thought of it.

Gonna try to get in some new links, finish one of the three things I’m working on, and possibly make a links post if I can figure out what topic to play with, or just do more link chaos. We shall see.

However, before I give up on the topic of coffee and (re)connections, Molli at In This Silence has opened up a little place for chaos and community to take root. Check out her Cafe Conversation for a peek at the tiny Loki seedling.

Yes – I just am fascinated that I can turn text to links!

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